Electricity cut, YHT waited 94 minutes

Power cut, YHT waited 94 minutes: Due to the power outage on the railway line in Sakarya's Sapanca district, the high-speed train waited at the station for 94 minutes.
At around 11.45 today, the high-speed train HT 65008, which made the Ankara-Istanbul flight, stopped due to a power outage when it came to Sapanca Station. When the high-speed train could not move, the team came from Sakarya with a locomotive and checked the train. While the passengers were waiting to get off the train, the high-speed train was connected to the locomotive. Due to the power outage in the electricity line on the railway line in the region, the high-speed train was pulled to the place where there was electricity for a while with the locomotive. Where the current was, the locomotive left the high-speed train. The high-speed train then continued on its way to Istanbul.
Authorities say there has been a power outage in the area, and the train continues on its way after a delay of 94 minutes.

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