Arslan evaluated Kars's longing projects

Arslan evaluated the projects that Kars had been waiting for by longing: AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan made statements about the projects that the people of Kars were waiting for.
In his speech,, Baku Tbilisi Kars (BTK) Project is a very important project for us, proj said Arslan. Bizim BTK is not only the project of Kars but also our country. This project was delayed due to a number of reasons, but about to be finished by the end of this year, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey met in recent history transport ministers and the project at the point of completion as of this year, everyone is putting forth the effort to do their best, and I hope that accelerated with the opening of the construction season together We will see. eler
Arslan, who stated that he gained meaning with the BTK, made a statement about the Logistics Center. Lan The geological studies of the Logistics Center, which will be built in the second organized industrial zone next to the organized industrial zone, were carried out, and after this, the implementation project is being prepared. With our deputy Selahattin Beyribey, we went to our ministry on this issue and we became his followers, they also squeezed the team and ordered the completion of the implementation project as soon as possible. We are working hard to finish the implementation project and start the construction this year, so that we can serve the Kars seriously with the BTK Project. Biz
Ahmet Arslan, who clarified the issue that has long been a public agenda in the direction of the fact that the logistics center to be established in Kars has been moved to Erzurum, said: merkez The landfill in Erzurum had to be taken out of the city and turned into a logistics center. The citizens of Kars, who heard and saw this, got the idea that the logistics center was going to Erzurum. Certainly, this is not the case, they were already in the work of carrying the warehouses out of the city. In this sense, we need a logistics center in Kars and also in Erzurum. We all benefit from the fact that these centers are not in one place but in a few places on behalf of the total development of the region. If the region is not fully developed, we cannot achieve the yield we want as Kars. Kars He gave his statements.
On the other hand, the city has an important place for the transportation of the Harakani Airport, which also needs to be repaired on the runway Arslan pointed out that the new track was done before the airport is closed and reminded that Kars will not be victimized at this point. At Arslan ed Harakani Airport, the runway, taxiway and connection roads project is worth around 50 million TL. The tender process will be completed and the works there will be fulfilled. However, we have a lot of divided paths, which we do at the point of completion as soon as we do one by one.
Karslilerinin another issue that the follow-up to the slaughterhouse who noted that the record Ahmet Arslan, semi-open prison within a day can be cut the 750 head and a thousand animals can be fed to the work of a cutting-edge heralded the study heralded the study of a slaughterhouse. As a result of the negotiations with the ministry of the Caucasus University, the end of March, indicating that the tender will be done Arslan, the necessary funding is ready for this, he added: son Kars province is a candidate province to be the health base. Health Our former minister Recep Akdağ has been supporting us since this point and working much more at the point of being the health base of Kars, by running hospitals much better; Iğdır, Ardahan, and even Georgia, Georgia and Nakhichevan should be reached. At this point, there are some branches that you can not open anywhere in this context in this context, there is Erzurum next to you to get support from there
At the end of his speech; In addition to all these investments, KÖYDES talked to the citizens of Kars about tourism investments and similar investments as follows: Kars We know that we will continue our efforts as the deputies of this city in the name of Kars in the name of Kars, with the support and responsibility we receive from you. "
In this sense, Arslan emphasized that the development of Kars is not only a benefit for the continuity of the region and that the region needs to develop together, and reiterated the fact that the district deputies and a province work as deputies.

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