E-AWB for Speed ​​and Efficiency in Air

E-AWB for Speed ​​and Efficiency in the Air: Information Meeting on 'E-AWB Application' hosted by Turkish Cargo and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) and IATA in cooperation with Turkish Cargo was held in February at THN Cargo Building Mimar Sinan Hall .
UİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin and Turkish Cargo, Cargo Vice President Serdar Demir emphasized the importance of the integration of the system in the meeting which was introduced in the air cargo sector and became more widespread in the near future and gave information about the application of E-AWB which will accelerate the efficiency of air cargo transportation and documentation processes.
In the informative meeting held with the cooperation of UTIKAD and IATA, the importance of integration to the E-AWB application, the advantages of the system and the technical structuring process were transferred to the air cargo agents.
Turkish Cargo, Cargo Vice President Serdar Demir and IATA Europe Cargo Manager Stephane Noll attended the information meeting and UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin made the opening speech.
Turgut Erkeskin pointed out that the E-AWB system adds efficiency and speed to the operation and documentation of air cargo agencies; Olmaz When E-TIR applications are started, you cannot use E-AWB. We should adopt and encourage the use of E-AWB while the airline is the most efficient mode of transport. Hav
As in all logistics processes, in air cargo transportation, the sharing of shipment-related data between the airline carrier, customs and senders and buyers over a common electronic platform, acceleration of goods movements in the supply chain, reduction of costs, reliability of information and tracking of logistics movements Stating that it is of great importance in terms of availability, Erkeskin continued his words as follows: “E-AWB is the first step of the studies where the ultimate goal is E-FREIGHT. acceleration in the world kazanWe will continue our efforts to make the E-AWB application widespread in Turkey. Representing the air cargo agencies, we think that it would be useful to prepare a guide for the transition to E-AWB. As UTIKAD, we are ready to provide all necessary support in the preparation of this guide.”
Turkish Cargo, which hosts the information meeting, Serdar Demir, Cargo Vice President, 'E-AWB'
underlined that there is a system that will increase the standards of air cargo agencies and
stressed that they would encourage the transition to this application which would increase efficiency and speed.
Emphasizing the importance of E-AWB, Demir said, E We aim to construct the system in an hour to deliver the incoming cargo in an hour. Therefore, we aim to encourage all agents to use the system. The E-AWB is our first goal of E-FREIGHT. Agencies that cannot be integrated into this system may have difficulties in terms of speed and cost compared to the agencies that have already completed the integration process. Therefore, we expect all air cargo agents to take this application. Dolayısıyla
Turkish Cargo Data Quality Manager Mustafa Asım Subaşı, who made a detailed presentation about the requirements for the transition to E-AWB, emphasized that improving the data quality is a very important factor in the transition to the system.
Gokhan Girgin, General Manager of SOFT Software and General Manager of SELECT software, gave information about what should be taken into account in the transition to e-AWB and gave information about the process of software related to the transition to e-AWB.
UTIKAD Airline Working Group President Arif Badur also attended the information meeting after the questions and answers section, where the questions of the participants were answered by the representatives of Turkish Cargo, other airline companies and IATA.

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