350 million dollar investment to Derince Port

350 million-dollar investment to Derince Port: Derince Port, owned by the General Directorate of TCDD and privatized to 543 for 39 million dollars, will make an additional investment of 350 million dollars. Safiport Derince Port General Manager Güre ile The money we give to the privatization and the machinery and equipment we will do is investing more than 1 billion dollars. Our goal is to be Europe's 1 number, Hedef he said.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate (TCDD), owned and operating rights 39 years Safi Derince International Port Management AŞ transferred to Derince port, 350 million dollar investment, employment at the completion of the working harbor to reach 2 thousand 500 people.
A press conference was held in Safiport Derince Port about Safi Derince International Port Operations Inc. since the date of receipt of the port and the planned works in the future.
Safiport Derince Chairman Advisor Erkan Dereli said that Derince Port is one of the most established ports in the country.
Derince Port for the 39 year in the process of granting the right to privatize the tender of 543 million dollars offerings reminiscent of the tender Dereli, this price paid in full by paying the port 2 March 2015'ya reported that they received.
Dereli said, tay In accordance with the tender specifications, we have made an agreement to invest an additional one thousand square meters of 420 and deliver it to TCDD which is the real owner of the port after 39 year. As Safi International Port Management Inc., we will start to make our investments within a month for a system to integrate sea, land and railways to establish an intermodal port, as included in the government's action plan, program and tender conditions. Saf
Expressing that there are currently working in the port near 400, Dereli said, ız Based on the planning we have made, our number will be around 2 bin 500. As the principle decision, we aimed to employ the people of our region in our port. Safiport Derince Port will be the intermodal logistics center with 350 million-dollar investment. Saf
”Our goal is to become Europe's 1 number“
Safiport Derince General Manager Şeyda Güre stated that they gave importance to occupational health and safety after taking over the port and emphasized that they did not experience any accidents in the last year.
Expressing that they have taken all the control of the port Güre, said:
“We have all the authority after the entrance through the port. Prior to this, the 5-6 was given to the company and all the operations were done. TCDD was only giving the docks, all the other operations and the operation belonged to those companies. We have all the controls right now. Before us, the 10 thousand-ton vessel was handled in this port on 10 days, and now it is handled at the 30-32 hour. Our movement on a ro-ro ship is 4 bin 200 units. We do firm Hyundai, export and import. The average number of hours we handle is the 130-150 vehicle. Our investments are very loaded. With the money we give to privatization and the machinery and equipment we will do, the infrastructure investments are over $ 1 billion. Our goal is to be Europe's 1 number. Hedef

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