Village children are given ski training

Ski training is given to the children of the village: It is aimed to train athletes in the international sense within the scope of the project 'The Stars of Sivas Shine', which was initiated to better promote the Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center. At the ski center, 330 children, including children residing in the surrounding villages and children staying in love houses, receive education.

The General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Salih Ayhan, who made a statement on the project, stated that the 330 students started ski training in Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center.

Ayhan, a short time completed Yıldız Mountains as 3 years is expressed as a nice investment of Winter Sports Tourism Center facility, the facility in by fitting it to the national agenda in Turkey and very serious, internationally stressed athletes they train.

Following the introductory meeting, the Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Salih Ayhan and the other participants skied together with the children who received training.

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