Yildiz Mountain achieves artificial fumigation system

Yıldız Mountain gets the artificial snow system: Sivas Special Provincial Administration General Secretary Ayhan said, “We will not be worried at Yıldız Mountain Ski Center anymore whether it will snow or not. We will be able to start a season in December and continue until the end of March and have a qualified season. ”

Salih Ayhan, the Secretary General of Sivas Special Provincial Administration, stated that Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center will have an artificial snow system this year, and their goal is to be among the top 5 ski resorts.

According to the written statement from the Sivas Special Provincial Administration, Ayhan examined the ongoing works at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center.

Center of the 2016-2017 ski season with great care has been prepared by transferring Ayhan, the center continues to work in the new season with the ski lovers will have significant innovations and services noted.

Ayhan stated that artificial snow systems will be put into service this year on Yıldız Mountain and said, “The first water retention business started this year. We have a pool of about 50 thousand cubic meters. Water was started to be flooded here from Yusufoglan Pond. At Yıldız Mountain Ski Center, we will no longer have an anxiety as to whether it will snow or not. We will be able to start a season in December and continue until the end of March and have a qualified season. ” found in the description.

Emphasizing that Yıldız Mountain has a 3-year intense and frenetic story, Ayhan said, “It was studied day and night. There are about 42 items here. There are many works such as not only mechanical facilities, runways, hotels, daily but also infrastructure, sewage, drainage lines, landscaping, security. Therefore, we are happy to provide a service that adds exceptional value to Sivas in 3 years. ” used expressions.

Ayhan, adding that Yıldız Mountain will be much different this winter, continued:

“Our next big goal is to make good publicity, to organize good events and to participate in national international races. Our standards and infrastructure are suitable for this. We will strengthen the connection between Hot Çermik, Yıldız Mountain and the airport in the future. Businesses also when we bring our culture to a higher level will be one of Turkey's best ski resort. Our goal is to be among the top five ski resorts. This is not just an aphorism. We say it because we know our infrastructure, the status of other ski resorts and the details of the work done here. After that, the job falls on Sivas and the local people. They need to take care of this place, give value and importance. "

Reminding that 100 million lira investment has been made on Yıldız Mountain, Ayhan also stated that they are planning to build bungalows on Yıldız Mountain within the scope of "Support Center for Attraction Centers" carried out by the Ministry of Development. to be continued. I would like to thank everyone who contributed." found the assessment.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:51

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