Bursa is also the center of aviation

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Bursa is the center of aviation: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman of the Board of Ibrahim Burkay with the planned projects to be made about the aviation industry in Bursa publicized.

Bursa, which is the locomotive of the Turkish industry, pioneered the industrial sector to turn to high technology and design-based products, and with the local trolley production, the Metropolitan Municipality took another important step to make Bursa the aviation base.

Bursa industry, which produces local trams with the guidance and encouragement of Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, is now starting aircraft production. Following the acquisition of B Plas, the German Aircraft company of Aquila, one of the leading companies in Bursa industry, Gökçen Family, Hilton Hotel's aviation potential was brought to the agenda at a press conference.


Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, drawing attention to the importance of the city's production potential, said, “A world brand is coming out of Bursa. Our target is that Bursa is a brand. As the European city, Bursa, which is a modern city, we show that we are ambitious with world brands. Our work on aviation, which places Bursa among several cities in the world, is continuing rapidly. Bursa will also be a pioneer in aviation. ” said.

Altepe said: “Bursa is a strong industrial and production city with its infrastructure. We are a city with the knowledge and infrastructure where production can be made in every field. We reveal this power of the city. In rail systems, Bursa took serious steps and Bursa won. We produced vehicles, just as rail system vehicles, if we bought our 72 wagons from the current company, the difference we will pay exceeds 430 million TL, excluding other factors. We took advantage of approximately 72 stadium money in 2 wagons. In Turkey the benefit of billions of dollars. Now gaining domestic production value and profits remain in Turkey. "

Stating that a space aviation department was built with the support of TÜBİTAK and BTSO with an additional 80 million investments in Bursa Science Technology Center (BTM), Altepe said, “This will not be done in another city. He also took the role of Bursa in aviation. An aviation department is also established at Uludağ University, and we will accelerate the infrastructure. Bursa is entering aviation with all its sectors and institutions. If we built this plane, the hull equipment was what the Gökçen group would do. Celal Bey was also a pilot. He said, "I will gladly buy that company." The study was completed within 10 days. German was also the sadness, the factory was gidecekk who have come to China to Turkey. This made everyone happy. ” he spoke.


Altepe, expressed in a few months will begin production in Bursa, "the same production in Berlin will continue in Turkey. We want to finish in 6 months and we want the first flight. The company is a company that can issue its own certification, and is expanding its staff. Bursa and Turkey, this sector is going very strong. There are now 200 aircraft flying, and they have orders. ” said.


C PLAl Gökçen, CEO of B PLas, also said that they have stepped into the aviation industry with a sudden decision, while never mind. Speaking about the process of the works and the technical features of the aircraft, Gökçen said, “We have come fast. We have been producing 2 planes per month since the end of December. These planes are two-man aircraft. It is called education and turing plane in Europe. There are 782 airports in Europe this way. The aircraft with a range of 1100 km and Bombardier has a 4-cylinder engine. The entire structure of our aircraft is composite. It burns 100 liters of super gasoline per 9,5 km. Since it is considered as a training plane, maintenance should be easy. These were also considered. We can make maintenance costs of the aircraft for 4 thousand Euros. Our aircraft is a 500-kilogram training and turing aircraft. We continue with the name 'Aquila international'. Since the company is known, we will serve the planes that old customers love with this name. Demands started to come. The plane is known as a good plane. ” spoke in the form.


Gokcen, gave the following information about the plane: “There is a slightly stronger engine study on the plane. But even if you change something, it has to go through certification. A turbo version of the 130 horsepower was also included in the study on request from schools. Night flight certification will be obtained and instrument flight certification will also be received soon. We'il work for the security parachute. These are our first works planned. Later on, we will continue to work for the 4 aircraft. We will buy additional new hangars. İlave

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, the winning developments and new impetus to Turkey's economy and effective guiding force representing Bursa automotive, textile and said that in a city identity has taken the pulse of the machinery industry. Burkay emphasized that, as BTSO, they brought their important projects to the city in order to transform Bursa into high value added and strategic sectors. Stating that they have stimulated the common mind of the city in the space, aviation and defense sectors, Burkay said, “We have established our space, aviation and defense sector council that has strategic importance in the goals of our Bursa and our country. We have presented the results of our works, which we carry out with a common belief and determination, to the public and relevant ministers. When we set out within the scope of our Space, Aviation and Defense cluster, the number of companies exceeded 100. We are continuing our initiatives to include our Bursa companies in the 'Original Helicopter Project' of our country and to have a voice in its production. ” used expressions.



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