Bombardier and Bozankaya, Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Local Production in Turkey (Photo Gallery)

Bombardier and BozankayaHe has signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Local Production in Turkey: Bombardier, the Turkish rail in order to produce high-speed trains in Turkey in the area of ​​local public transport Bozankaya will work with
Bombardier Transportation, the leader in rail technology, and Turkish public transport manufacturer Bozankaya signed memorandum of understanding. The common goal is to strengthen the strategic partnership for the development of high-speed trains in the Turkish rail systems sector. Contract, Bozankaya Group President Murat Bozankaya and by the Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Turkey Furio Rossi, Turkey, Georgia and Turkmenistan signed the Canadian Ambassador John Holmes presence. Turkey conducted a press conference to Bombardier Sales Director Halil Ozkan Flood, Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and senior executives of the two companies participated in the meeting.
Under the agreement, both sides agreed to work together to develop and produce a high-speed train in the context of the tender invitation expected from TCDD. Turkey, with the line connecting Istanbul to the capital Ankara, covering almost all of Turkey to be used in other newly developed high-speed train line looks pretty warm reception.
Bombardier has a huge competence worldwide in the field of high-speed trains. Bombardier, with a yearly experience in the high-speed industry, has delivered high-speed and high-speed applications with more than 20 trains.
Bombardier's Turkey Managing Director Ross Furio statement on the subject: "Turkey's rail system of sustainable present a fairly clear vision about the role it plays in economic development. Therefore, Turkey is making strategic investments necessary for the realization of this vision. Authorities say an investment of more than $ 45 billion will be made for rail products and infrastructure. As Bombardier we see a lot of potential in these plans and as our strategic partner BozankayaWe are very happy to be with us. Bombardier's high-speed train engineering know-how, experience and technology transfer Bozankaya'S for both local and international expertise in Turkey thanks to a combination of vehicle production, Turkey will be successful in producing goods vehicles, "he said.
the tender kazanFurio Rossi stated that they will make an investment of 100 million USD in line with the construction of the project and said, “The investment details were prepared with the meticulous joint work of both companies in order to comply with the standards of the high-speed train, taking into account the plant, machinery and equipment.”
Murat made a statement at the press conference Bozankaya; "BozankayaHas already produced over 2300 trams in Germany and the USA. Bozankaya These trams are currently in service in Bergen, Potsdam, Bochum, Mainz, Graz, Lyon, Paris, America, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Houston, Charlotte, Norfolk and Atlanta. also Bozankaya We break new ground with our innovative vehicles. Turkey's first domestic TRAMBUS the 100 percent low floor, we realized the first domestic production of electric buses will carry passengers on the tram. In Germany, we are the first and only electric bus manufacturer. ”
Murata Bozankaya ; “We have seen Bombardier as a very complementary partner and together we will ensure that the Turkish people can reach the places they want to go with a fast, comfortable, safe and modern transportation method”.
Bozankaya Chairman of the Board of Directors Aytunç Günay; "Turkey is providing high-speed train service units currently 12. Looking at the ongoing and finished high speed train lines, we anticipate that there will be a need for additional high speed trains at least around 200. In the statements made by official institutions, we see that there is a preparation for this kind of tender. We are realizing this partnership for a power union that will answer this need in the best way. ”
Günay underlined that TCDD's preparations for the first stage have been made for the 2 high speed train sets which are estimated to exceed 80 billion Euros. “We anticipate that the need will find the 200 train set in these tenders and subsequent auctions. The technology partnership with the substance in the tender specifications aimed at bringing Turkey. In this direction Bozankaya and with an investment to be made Bombardier a significant technology transfer to Turkey will be realized. With this partnership Bozankaya We will be signing a different investment. We are planning to invest in a completely new location with a new formation for high speed train production. ”


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