Celebration of celebrations with old-time trams (Video)

Celebration of the celebration of centuries-old trams: Electric trams with nostalgic importance for Istanbulites 102. celebrating his age. It's been a century since the introduction of electric trams on 1914 history and serving the people of Istanbul for many years. The General Directorate of IETT, 100 celebrated the anniversary of the establishment of veteran trams that served for more than a year.
The first tram that became identical with the name of Beyoğlu was the first in 11 1914. Tram, which is among the indispensable ones of Istiklal Street, has lost its technology and urbanization and left its passengers on the European side in 1961 and 1966 on the Anatolian side on its last voyage. Later, the tram, which is symbolically re-run on İstiklal Street, continues its journey between Tünel and Taksim, its current line.
Trams subject to films, photographs and special memories for many Istanbulers are 102 with a program organized by IETT. celebrated the year. At the ceremony held in Tünel Square, at the same time the headquarters of IETT, Hasan Özçelik and IETT employees cut cake. The passengers of the Nostalgic tram, 102. the cake was cut in memory of the year and sahlep was served. Commemorative pillows were presented to the passengers in memory of their hundred years of history.
Özçelik cuts the cake in memory of 102., Said that the length of the railroads in Istanbul is planned to reach the 776 kilometer and it will increase its weight in public transportation.
Citizens participating in the celebration of the anniversary of the nostalgia lived in the veterans on the line by using the tram line said they lived in Istanbul. Citizens, the orchestra played nostalgic songs in their hands accompanied with saleplerle.
When the management of horse-drawn trams, considered the milestone of public transportation in Istanbul, was ended in 1914, the 45-year tradition came to an end. In 1913, Turkey's first power plant in Silahtarağa established by granting the first draft to the tram network on February 11, 1914 transition to electric trolley business. In 1933, the tram and bus fleet (10 trams + 320 buses) was commissioned in Istanbul by Atatürk's order for the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the Republic. In 1955, Anatolian Side Üsküdar and Havalisi Tramway Management (Üsküdar - Kadıköy People's Tramways Company) was transferred to IETT with all its facilities. Electric trams, which have been serving on both sides of the city for fifty years, went to the last time on the European Side on August 12, 1961 and on the Anatolian Side on November 14, 1966, saying that they could not keep up with the ever increasing speed of the city. Trolleybuses were put into operation instead. In 1989, the old wagons in the museum were restored and the electric tram was brought into service again for a symbolic and even nostalgic purpose. Thus, today's nostalgic tram started operating on the Taksim-Tunnel line.


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