Rail assembly is completed in Akçaray

The end of the rail assembly was completed in Akçaray: The assembly of the Akçaray Tram Line project in our city by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was completed in the 7 bin 400 meter-long rail assembly. After the last installation of 75 meters, the installation of the rails will be completed.


As part of the rail installation work, the installation works are continuing on the route in the last 75 meter. With the completion of the last installation work to be carried out in front of the Telecom building from the Central Bank, the uninterrupted rail assembly will be completed at the part between Seka Park and Otogar.

Simultaneous Activities

After the rails are mounted on the track, the gaps between the rails are welded together. The job is completed with the last settings in the geometry of the line. On the other hand, with the installation of the rail installation, it is also possible to install the catenary pole and the wire drawing works gradually.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:59

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