Subcontracted company elements were removed at the level crossings transferred to the municipality

Subcontracted company members were removed at the level crossings transferred to the municipality: Level crossings in Aydın were transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. The personnel of 12 who has been working for 52 years as the subcontractor member in the passes transferred by TCDD İzmir Regional Directorate was also terminated.
On February 13, 53, 8 people working as night watchmen at 2016 level crossings from Buharkent district to Germencik's Ortaklar Mahallesi were dismissed. Yunus Taşdelen, among them, said that they were victims with other fired friends. Taşdelen said, “The state calls the unemployed people as jobs, but it also fires us. We could not understand this. We have worked at TCDD for 12 years as a level crossing guard, as a company employee. They didn't tell us anything. We learned that we were fired from the SGK inquiry. TCDD Aydın officers told us 'leave the job'. We did not receive any documents regarding the check-out process. I have been a union member for two years, but we did not have union membership, and we just learned about it. We thought we were a member of the Yol-İş Union. They don't want us to be unionized. TCDD sued us for being a union member. They fired us for no reason, and they cannot give a reason. We want our job together with our victim friends. We will also seek our rights through legal means. " said.
The controlled and uncontrolled level crossings, 2003's subcontractor in the company, is currently the employees of the Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality.

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