Mehter March is being watched at subway and tram stops

Mehter Anthem is being played at the metro and tram stops: Although there is no municipal council decision, Mehter March is played at the tram stops and metro stations of Istanbul.
After the coup attempt, it is being played loudly at the tram stations and metro stations in Istanbul. In addition, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on the telephone line of the AKP's election music is playing. Speaking to the newspaper on the subject CHP IMM Group Deputy Chairman Ertugrul Gulsever, said the application did not come to the agenda of the parliament, the public areas of this type of music did not find the right to say.
15 After the coup attempt in July, Mehter Marşı was played from the speakers at the tram stops and at the metro stations. The tone of the march is increased especially during the departure and departure times of the citizens.
Alo 153 line which is used to get information about the activities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and to make a complaint or suggestion to the citizens is being played the music of da Dombra dair song used by the AKP headed by Tayyip Erdoğan in the local elections of 2014.
Speaking on the issue, CHP IMM Group Deputy Chairman Ertuğrul Gülsever said, Başkan The stealing of music used as AKP propaganda is disturbing us. We know that there are objections from society, we do not find these right. Everyone needs to be together in unity, but such marches can harm unity and solidarity. Lik
Giving information that the application was implemented without the decision of the city council, Gülsever said, arı The city council did not come to its agenda. If we had, we would have made the necessary objections. We express the objections of the people in the parliament. These are the decisions made by the administrative structures here and are implemented within this framework. It's not true either. Bu
Gülsever said that they did not find this kind of music playing in public areas and said ı We find those who want to vote for a party from here wrong. Our first job will be to discuss with the authorities here and to express these mistakes. If these warnings are ignored, the first day the parliament opens, we will be able to express this mistake there. Bu
Gülsever continued his words as follows: hep In order to ensure democracy, we will continue our unity in unity against the coups and the coup plotters. All of our citizens, regardless of their ethnic identity, regardless of world views are fighting against the coup. This struggle and the coexistence of a political party belonging to the playing period and the playing of the songs will be spoiled, birlik he said.

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