Stood in subway in london stopped life

Metro stopped in London stopped life: the capital of the British capital London, near the 4 people travel to the subway, employees start the evening, the 24 hourly strike adversely affects daily life.

Metro employees who went on strike for the second time in the last month, 24 hours from September to begin to serve at the 5 subway line staff to work overtime to show their response to the inequalities in their salary and the 24 hour strike to show their response to the local time began at 18.30 this evening.

London, the National Union of Railway, Marine and Transport Workers (RMT), the Association of Salary Transport Employees (TSSA) and the Steam Locomotives and Firefighters Association (Aslef) also support the negative impact on all lines of work, London, the subway business has moved to alternative routes outside the subway .

Shortly before the start of the strike, the London Transport Agency (TFL), which had warned of intensities and disruptions in transportation in the capital, offered its passengers a choice of walking and cycling at short distances. The TFL also announced that an additional 250 bus service has been installed and that the number of boats in the Thammes river has been increased in order to avoid interruption of transportation during the strike that affects millions of people.

Struggle-backing trade unions argued that the salaries and working conditions of some metro lines that would serve on weekend nights would be adversely affected by TFL's new plans, while TFL said that no employees were required to do additional work other than their current programs and that 137 would be hired to work at night services. He explained.

Within the scope of the night metro, which will be commissioned in September, TFL's offers for all subway employees include a 2 boost to salaries and 200 pounds in addition to those who work every night.

The trade unions do not want to be put into service in September because there are not enough employees working in the night and weekends.

British Finance Minister George Osborne and London's Mayor of Turkish origin, Boris Johnson, claims that the night metro will contribute 2030 billion pounds by 6,4 to the London economy by XNUMX.

London, Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines 12 24 from September to the end of the week to prepare to serve for XNUMX hours.

In London, the capital of England, a large number of people provide transportation by metro. With the departure of the strike tomorrow evening, metro transportation is expected to return to normal on Friday, Friday at 7.

Another 24 hourly work-off action, where all subway lines are affected by the strike and all stations are closed, was made at the beginning of July, and the daily life of the strike was negatively affected.

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