Bomb attack attacked Karsa trains

The bomb attack canceled the train services to Karsa: After the bomb attack on the freight train on 30 July in the Soğanlı district of Kars' Sarkamış district, train services to TCDD Kars were canceled.

Passengers of the Eastern Express coming from Ankara to Erzurum come to Erzurum and reach Kars by minibuses. The officials stated that they provided the road between Erzurum and Kars in order not to make the citizens suffer because the tickets were sold before, and said, “We stopped selling tickets to Kars from the toll booths. 9 lira by train between Erzurum and Kars. "We pay 25 lira per person to send by road," they said.

The bomb laid on the rails by PKK terrorists was detonated with a remote control during the passage of the freight train numbered 30 carrying pipes for the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) from Erzurum to Kars on 44882 July in Soğanlı district of Sarıkamış district. While damage occurred in the machinery section of the locomotive part of the train, terrorists opened fire on 4 railway workers whose rails went to the area for inspection and repair. The road sergeant Nejdet Inanc died as a result of the fire opened.

20-year-old Recep Kaçan, who explained that he went to his hometown with his family, said that they were worried about the terrorist attacks. Kaçan said that the announcement was made that the passengers of Kars would be sent from the train station as they approached Erzurum and said, “We heard the bomb attack on the train on the television. Our relatives called along the way and asked 'where are you?' he worries. We do not know what happens with the highway. We are uneasy, ”he said.

Expressing that they came with the Eastern Express to go from Ankara to Kars, Fatma-Asım Yılmaz couple said, “God damn those who disturb the nation. Those who do, let their hands break. May Allah guide you. We have no fear, it will be what God wills. "What is our fault, we are experiencing this disgrace," he said.

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  1. pkk clowns have reached the goal. Trains should be working to protect the path or the road is safe (with remote and devices) should be seen. In places where the guardian guardian security guard must be steel vest and should be authorized to shoot. PKK cannibals are not the only measures.