Bomb attack attacked Karsa trains

Bomb attack Karsa canceled the train service: Sarkisli district of Kars in the town of Soganli 30 bomb attack in July after the train on the train to TCDD Kars was canceled.

The passengers of the Eastern Express coming to Erzurum from Ankara arrive in Kars by minibuses. In order not to cause the citizens to be victimized because of the sale of tickets before the Erzurum-Kars between the highway stating that they provide officials, emek We stopped the sale of tickets to Kars from the box office. Train to Erzurum-Kars from 9 lira. We are paying 25 liras per person to send by highway. Biz

30 in Soganli Province of Sarikamis Province The bomb that was laid by the PKK terrorists on the track during the passage of the 44882 freight train carrying pipes for the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) from Erzurum to Erzurum in July was detonated by a remote control. Damage to the machine part of the train in the machine part of the train, the rails to control and repair the 4 railroad workers to the region opened fire terrorists. Nejdet İnanç, the sergeant of the road, died as a result of the fire.

His family went to his hometown about the 20, Recep Kaçan, said he was upset by the terrorist attacks. When they approached Erzurum, Kars passengers said that the announcement was made to send the vehicle in front of the train station Kaçan, g We heard the bomb attack on the television. Our relatives call along the way and 'where are you?' he is worried. We don't know what happens to the highway. We live in anxiety. Ted

Fatma-Asım Yılmaz, who stated that they came with the Eastern Express to go to Kars from Ankara, said: The hand of those who break the hand. May Allah provide guidance. We have no fear, Allah wills what he wished. What is our fault, we live in this infamy Bizim.


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  1. pkk clowns have reached the goal. Trains should be working to protect the path or the road is safe (with remote and devices) should be seen. In places where the guardian guardian security guard must be steel vest and should be authorized to shoot. PKK cannibals are not the only measures.


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