2 injured in train accident in Kahramanmaraş

📩 07/12/2018 16:22

2 wounded in Kahramanmaraş: A train crash in an uncontrolled level crossing in the Türkoğlu district of Kahramanmaraş. The 1 was injured in a train crash.

Kahramanmaras Turkoglu district of the crossroads Minehöyük to cross the level crossing to the side who want to switch to the 46 HR 227 plate under the control of the car, the cargo train collided. In the accident, the train stopped after dragging the car about 30 meters. In the accident, the car driver Ahmet Çalım seriously injured. After the first intervention of 112 teams Çalım, Kahramanmaras Necip Fazil City Hospital. Nurettin Kılıç, who was also in the car, was taken to KSU Medical Faculty Hospital. Police, an investigation into the accident, learned that the status of Çalım'ın serious.


  1. Which training goes through the investigation team? Does their supervisors know the technique of the railways? Why are the officials who cannot take precautions when the same mistakes are repeated constantly? Why are the officials still sitting on the same seat?. If you put an outside man at the head of the institution ... simple mistakes get in trouble. . the employee should be trained and morale should be high. If you offend and exile the employee, they make mistakes..mir must be more mature, just right. Warning and warning signs are not enough. .. sadness .. to the martyrs… to the machines.

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