Bilecik Deputy Yaşar Tüzün proposes a regional train flight

Bilecik MP Yaşar Tüzün's proposal for a regional train: Republican People's Party (CHP) Bilecik MP Yaşar Tüzün sent a question to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan by bringing the railroads that were left idle after the commencement of high-speed train services to the parliamentary agenda.

Bilecik CHP Deputy Yasar Tüzün, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan's proposal that trains want to answer the Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) of the vehicle. Tüzün said that they were not against the high-speed train services, but that this did not require the removal of old train services. CHP Tüzün, Turkey, as well as in other parts of Bilecik also mostly for the surrounding villagers and tour the old trains also expressed that the use of retirees, the most peasants because of the high speed train tickets and be victims of pensioners and that the load through the land has been used extensively all over the world because it greatly reduces the cost of transportation. Tüzün, although in many provinces now pass through railway in Turkey, underlining that made the trains, it leads to a huge waste and caused great harm to the national economy, he said. Member of Parliament Tüzün asked the following questions:

"Turkey is a few kilometers from the existing railway line? How much of the TCDD Outline network is used for passenger transport? How much of the existing railway lines are used for freight transport? Is there a railway line that is never used and left idle because there is no freight or passenger transportation? Are these maintenance-free lines maintained and how much expenditure is spent on maintenance? Is there any dysfunctional line that has been left to its fate because there is no maintenance? What is the amount of passenger transported by TCDD compared to years? What is the amount of cargo carried by TCDD per year? What are the cities that do not carry passengers and freight despite the passing of the railway? On which lines were the old train services removed after the start of the high-speed train services? After the start of the high-speed train services, especially in the beginning of the Bilecik, trains removed from the expedition, especially the villagers and retirees of the local people, especially in order to eliminate the grievances of the region is thought to be done? What is the status of station and other railway buildings in unused lines? In the last 13 year, how much of these historic buildings have been restored, how much has been destroyed, and how much has been sold? Son

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