UK to Take Train from Japanese Hitachi

Britain Buys Trains from Japanese Hitachi Company: An agreement has been signed between the UK Transportation Department and the Japanese company Hitachi. According to the agreement, England ordered 29 AT300 type trains to be used between London, Plymouth and Penzance lines. The cost of the deal was announced as 316 million Euros.

The 22 of the trains to be purchased was understood to be 5 with wagon and the 7 with 9 wagon. 5 wagon trains will be available on request, the capacity can be removed up to the 10 wagon. The production of trains will be in Hitachi's factory in Japan.

AT300 type trains will operate between London Paddington, Reading and Newbury, and diesel fuel in the rest. The ordered trains will be delivered from 2018 in May, and will be in service from December of the same year.

Andy Berr, head of Hitachi Europe, said the trains are still working for further maintenance and will find the best team and solution.

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