Governor Su, 3 Bridge Investigations Examined

Governor Su, Look at the 3rd Bridge Work: Sirnak Governor Ali Ihsan Water, Habur Border with Gate in the ongoing construction of 3 bridges work inceledi.türki Iraq in connecting the Habur Border Gate 3. continue efforts to bridge ... .
Şırnak Governor Ali İhsan Su, Habur Border Gate construction continues 3. examined the work of the bridge.
Linking Iraq with Turkey Habur Border Gate in 3. The work for the bridge continues. Sirnak Governor Ali Ihsan Water, Habur Border Gate will be made 3. the bridge construction in the investigation, received information from the authorities. Leaving this, Governor Su listened to the problems and problems of the drivers waiting at the Habur Border Gate. Governor Ali Ihsan Su, who received information about the work carried out in the Customs Enforcement Directorate, then left the district.

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