Fast train to Alanya

High-speed train to Alanya is coming: Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, gave the good news that Alanya will be a high-speed train.

Elvan, who is a candidate for Antalya deputies, met with muhtars and citizens in Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Turkey is no longer the old Turkey, expressing and experiencing the incredible advances that change Elven, the AK Party period colossal big, mega-projects, he said they did. “We are making projects that the world cannot do. We brought Marmaray under the sea. It was Abdülhamit's dream. 150 is an annual project, X he said.


Elvan continued, ras We are now passing through the 2 tunnel, under the sea, through our Eurasian tunnel. We'il be bidding on the next days. Under the sea, we spend the Great Istanbul Tunnel with 3 floors. 3 is a first in the world of tunneled tunnel. No country has ever been able to do so. Under the sea 110 meters 6 is a high-rise apartment building. We do this with Turkish engineers and workers. İşte

Elvan helicopters in the period they started to produce Elvan, satellites, high-speed trains, fighter aircraft and began to make ships, he said. Elvan emphasized that they do not want to be in need of anyone anymore, not only in the country but also kapıl We kneel at the gates of the IMF. He does not need Turkey. 100 borrowed a billion dollars. We've come to the IMF have reset our debt. We also said 'If you want to give 24 billion dollars credit' we said. Turkey came to this position, we do not want to lose it, "he said.


Lütfi Elvan also gave information about the projects they are planning to do in Alanya and said that they will be the followers of each project and they will carry out the necessary investments one by one. Pointing out that one of its goals is to make Alanya a tourism and health center, Elvan said, Alanya We are building the regional hospital. In the east, health centers are established in the west. We established a state university here. Alanya was the only district that reached the second university. We have established our medical faculty and we are building its infrastructure. Thus, Alanya will be a very important center for health. Health has become very expensive in many European cities. Patients began arriving in Turkey. In this sense, we want to consider Alanya as a tourism health center. Bu


Elvan stated that a high-speed train will come from Alanya, Alanya Harbor will be used to increase its potential in terms of tourism. We want to move this higher. Therefore we can evaluate if you have suggestions değer.

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