Hook students in TAYSAD organized industrial zone (Photo Gallery)

Hook students in TAYSAD organized industrial zone: With the contributions of Kanca AS, one of the leading companies in the forging sector, KTU Surmene Abdullah Kanca Vocational High School students and instructors organized a technical trip to TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone on 15-16 May 2015. Located in TOSB trip has become a tradition in our technical issues and Honda, which ranks among the leading organizations in Turkey, EKU Brake, Hascelik, Genghis machine, Schneider Electric and hook Inc. The students who visited the companies learned the application and the subtleties of the many subjects they saw in the courses.

Students who learned the production process of a car in Honda company, then EKU Brake and brake discs and drums had the opportunity to examine how they are produced. They examined the production stages of the steels in Hasçelik company and the forming processes applied to the steels at Cengiz Makine and the machines used during these processes. Students who had one-on-one interviews with company officials received information about working conditions and internship opportunities. Schneider Electric and then Kanca A.Ş. Sürmene Abdullah Kanca Vocational High School students who have visited the production facilities ü Kanca A.Ş., who continues their support with deceased Abdullah Kanca, General Manager Alper Kanca, Kanca Family, board members and all of Kanca A.Ş. We thank administrators and employees. We are also grateful to the school administration for their close relations with the industry and the opportunities they provide. Okul

Kanca Inc. General Manager Alper Kanca said during a visit of students, Kanca A.Ş. Abdullah Kanca, the founder of the founder, said that he was pleased to welcome successful students studying in 2008 in his home country. He said that they gave scholarships to successful and needy students and they would continue to give. Dr. Alper Kanca, Sürmene Abdullah Kanca Vocational School students to complete their internship at Kanca Inc. said it would support. promised to support. Kanca A.Ş. or other factories in the TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone said they would continue to help to find jobs as reference in areas appropriate to their departments. Alper Kanca; "The development of Turkey's industry, our exports increased, along with the proliferation of the nature of the products we sell, it is increasing the need for quality elaman. We continue to provide all kinds of support to our vocational college to train qualified personnel with the expectation of the industry. The School Director Assoc. Dr. We would like to thank Hamdullah Çuvalcı and all the instructors and administrative staff and wish our students success. Ham

Prior to the visit Kanca A.Ş. Zeki Yazıcı, the Quality Manager, gave the students general information about quality and operation. Kanca Inc. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Ümit Güneş first informed about occupational health and safety. Aydın Gönül, sales representative, accompanied the staff and students during the technical tour.

Kanca Inc. In 2013, Vocational School Director Assoc. Dr. Together with Çuvalcı, he hosted our instructor 15 and provided them with the opportunity to make observations in the most precious factories of the Automotive Supply Industry. Last year, the successful 30 student of our school, the Secretary of Vocational School Ali Rıza Köroğlu and Öğr. See. Ali Kangal visited the 6 significant production facility in the Center of Automotive Sub-industry. Kanca A.Ş., which was visited by our students, started to manufacture hand tools as a family company with 1960 personnel in 20 years. the production of forged parts for the automotive industry today, the defense industry and the construction sector; With the production of parts, molds, design and metal forming, it has become very important institution in the field.

During the visits, students were informed about occupational safety and health and safety. Following the presentations of the factories, the factories and production-worksites were visited. The two-day technical trip ended with our students taking factory photographs with factory employees and managers.

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