Hakkari-Çukurca road threatens

The Hakkari-Çukurca road is threatening: Due to the lack of barriers or measures on the sharp curvy road along the Zap River in Hakkari-Çukurca, dozens of vehicles are thrown into the river every year. Authorities remain silent for the road with a grave of 7 people in the last month.
Every year dozens of accidents occur on the Hakkari-Çukurca, Yeniköprü-Yüksekova highways, due to the irresponsibility and inattention of the authorities. In the last 10 years, dozens of vehicles have flown to the Zap River on the Çukurca-Hakkari and Yeniköprü-Yüksekova highway, and tens of people have lost their lives in these accidents. While the funerals in the vehicles flying to the river were found as a result of long efforts due to the high flow rate and the steepness of the land, at least 10 funerals have not been reached until today.
Two vehicles flew to the Zap River in the past month. While 2 citizens lost their lives in the vehicle that fell into the river on May 4, the funerals of the citizens were reached one day later.
The vehicle with 26 citizens who returned to their villages from their relatives from Silopi district of Şırnak on 4 May last flew to the river. While 2 citizens got rid of the accident with their own efforts, the funeral of a citizen was found two days later. The funeral of the citizen named Enver Adıyaman has not been reached yet.
Only about 150 kilometers of the Hakkari-Çukurca and Yeniköprü-Yüksekova highways, which are approximately 5 kilometers long, the presence of barriers invites customary accidents. On the road where there are dozens of sharp bends, the barriers that should be in sharp bends are made on straight roads. Every day he talks about the double roads made to Hakkari, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP Hakkari deputy candidates boast of tens of citizens every day.
Another reason for accidents caused by precipitation especially in spring is the rocks on the roadsides. No precautions have been taken for rocks that often hit the road. Hakkari 114th Highways Chief, which is responsible for the first degree with the precautions not taken in the occurrence of accidents, remains the audience. Although many applications have been made, the Directorate of Highways remains silent in the face of the situation. In addition to citizens, officials from the Hakkari Drivers and Automobile Authority Presidency have filed an official application to the Directorate of Highways to correct this gap.
The authorities of the Directorate of Highways, which we were looking to discuss about the accidents and the inadequacy of the measures on the roads, left our questions unanswered.



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