Logistics World Meet at FIATA Meeting

📩 03/12/2018 16:51

The World of Logistics met at the FIATA Meeting: The FIATA Central Meeting, which brought together the actors of the logistics world, was held in Zurich. The UTIKAD Delegation met with the representatives of the global logistics sector in Zurich and made evaluations on the cooperation efforts that should be made for the future of the sector.

The participants also expressed their praise for the FIATA World Congress 2014 Istanbul, which was hosted by UTIKAD in October last year. The participants also had the opportunity to get to know the Turkish logistics world very well.

With more than a thousand members worldwide, the Federation of International Association of Transport Organizations, FIATA, meets in March in Zurich every year to discuss current issues and issues in different areas of the sector. This year, the institute, advisory board and working groups working at FIATA exchanged information on various issues with the actors of the logistics world during three days of meetings.

the meetings, Turkey and the sector representing UTIKAD President, FIATA Extended Board Member and Seaway Working Group Member Turgut Erkeskin, UTIKAD Vice Chairman and FIATA Airfreight Institute Member Emre Eldener, UTIKAD Board Member and FIATA Road Working Group Member Ekin Climb Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, Member of FIATA Logistics Academy Mentor, and Mr. Kosta Sandalcı, President of FIATA Highway Working Group and Cavit Uğur, General Director of UTİKAD.

World Logistics Companies Praise to UTIKAD

The event was held on the agenda of the meetings of the FIATA 13 World Congress held in Istanbul with the theme of ”Sustainable Growth in Logistics top in the 18-2014 October 2014 hosted by UTİKAD. Pointing out that the congress in Istanbul is the most successful and widely attended organization so far, FIATA executives and members expressed their gratitude to UTIKAD for this successful hosting and that they had an opportunity to get to know Istanbul and the Turkish logistics sector.

As the representative of the Turkish logistics sector, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin stated that they are very proud of these praise-giving words and said that they have been working as an association both in Turkey and abroad to develop the sector and to create a logistics culture.

Erkatkin stated that FIATA World Congress 2014 Istanbul is a reflection of these works and gave information about eden Sustainability Logistics Certificate ım and çalış UTIKAD Academy N works of UTIKAD.

Erkeskin stated that the "Sustainable Logistics Certificate" project, which was introduced for the first time during the congress and implemented in cooperation with BureauVeritas to contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector, has brought significant gains to companies. In Turkey, this project was successfully carried out in the FIATA before doing interviews for the promotion expressing Erkeskin, he said this project would be identified as a sector policy perceptions of sustainability in the logistics sector with its completion.

Again, during the congress, UTIKAD, the bir FIATA Diploma içinde taking the authority to give the training to take an important step towards the establishment of the Academy on the road to reminded that Erkik, Erkeskin, this year, they are working intensively to begin training.

Obstacles to Romanian Transport

The troubles on Turkish vehicles on the Romanian border were also on the agenda of the FIATA Highway Working Group.

President of UTIKAD former chairman Kosta Sandalcı and UTIKAD Board Member Ekin Tırman is also a member of the working group. necessary steps to be taken with the country concerned was specified.

Using the counterfeit bill of lading

FIATA is actively involved in the use of counterfeit FIATA bill of lading in the world. The FIATA sub-committee working under the leadership of UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur will work to prevent the use of counterfeit documents and promotional activities aimed at spreading the use of FIATA bill of lading in the coming period.

In addition, UTIADAD will continue to contribute effectively to the determination of the future mission and vision of FIATA in our age when logistics business practices are changing rapidly.

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