General Directorate of TCDD made a statement about cuts

TCDD General Directorate made a statement about the cuts: TCDD General Directorate made a statement about the cuts.
TCDD General Directorate, the high-speed 5 train at the time of the power outage began to take the diesel electric locomotives, Ankara, Eskisehir, Konya and Pendik stations were taken, the passengers were reported to travel by bus.
In the statement made by TCDD, Turkey stated that influenced the railroad train operation from the power blackout in general, so it can not be done in time, the electrically operated Marmaray and commuter trains, especially yht were recorded.
With the introduction of electrical energy, as of 12.50, Marmaray trains were restarted and the following information was given:
Olarak Train operations are continued smoothly in Marmaray. On the other hand, when the power failure starts, 5 high speed train diesel electric locomotives at once are towed to Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya and Pendik Gar. Due to a power outage, our passengers who want to give up their travels will be refunded. Elektrik

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Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.


  1. TCDD has suffered from a general power outage, because it is dependent on the interconnected general E-network. In some advanced countries, the Railways Administration is completely independent of the interconnected network (eg: DB-AG in Germany) because it generates and transforms its own electricity. In the same way, communication has also been created, a perfect substructure of its own. Although this infrastructure is sold under privatization (Vodafone network in Germany today, former D2, before it is DB-AG network), the company is the priority user. Such a formation could and should be a super example for our country and the like, starting from scratch. Now, we have to make a withdrawal because we are the song in planning!

  2. (1) is a Diesel-Locomotive, not Kara-Tren, which attracts YHT. Karatren gets its name from Steam-Locomotive due to black smoke emission. (2) The TCDD has done the right, has taken the passengers with the train and / or sent them by bus, so it has fulfilled the responsibility of transportation. What would he have done? (3) is an uncritical contrast. The last one, there are millions, but millions in this country.


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