25 Erzurum

Özge Özder Palandökende Studying Snowboarding

Özge Özder Palandökende Snowboard Learning: 'Umutsuz Ev Kadınları' in the series 'Crazy Emel' character who plays Ozge Ozder, Palandöken Ski Resort is vacationing. Özge Özder, theater and film actor who learned to make snowboarding in Palandöken where he came for the second time, said ö Palandöken fabulous İkinci [more…]


Göcek Tunnel Awaiting Repair

Göcek Tunnel is waiting for repairs: The water leak in the rainy weather of Göcek Tunnel which connects Muğla-Antalya in the Dalaman district of Muğla creates danger for the drivers; experts said that if the measures are not taken the concrete in the tunnel and the iron will rot in time, he said. Gocek [more…]

Asphalt News

Mamakta Asphalt Works in Full Speed

Mamakta Asphalt Works in Progress: Mamak Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs teams, asphalt patch works began. General Zeki Dogan, Durali Alic, Kartaltepe, Ekin, Yesilbayir and Station Neighborhood teams that initiate patch work, asphalt patch and repair [more…]


Pedestrians walking on the road

The pedestrians are waiting for the bridge to be built by the flood waters: pedestrians are walking on the road in the town of Osmaniye Kadirli district due to heavy rainfall in the last days of the collapse of the flood of Erdal Vahapoglu pedestrian bridge to the fate of the abandoned state to be done [more…]


Traffic Light

Traffic Lamps Calling Accidents: The traffic light located on the ring road at the junction of the Şanlıurfa Intercity Bus Terminal invites accidents. At the same time, both the green and the red side of the lamp, which determines the flow of the traffic, confuse the drivers. the secret [more…]


Road and Drinking Water Problem in Light Village

Road and Drinking Water Way in Işık Village Problem: Drinking water in the village of Hakkari and the problem of muddy road that does not pass through the village has infuriated the people. In the village of Light, 70, the citizens of the village dealing with agriculture and animal husbandry, the elimination of drinking water problem [more…]