14 Bolu

Mostly in Bolu Kartalkaya

Most Bolu Kartalkaya at: maximum snow depth at ski resorts in Turkey 1 65 Meter centimeters was recorded in Kartalkaya Bolu world-famous ski resort. It was announced that the rainfall will continue for the next week. Meteorology [more…]

35 Izmir

Çakıroğlu from the Crime Criminal Notice

Cakiroglu Criminal Announcement for the Metro: AK Party Izmir 1. Candidate candidate Vasfi Çakıroğlu Regional Deputy, Polygon and Üçkuyular filed a criminal complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office about the subway tunnel. Project in construction [more…]


Disastrous death of highway workers

Disastrous death of road workers: Kırıkkale-Ankara highway as a result of a car crashed into the road workers 1 people were killed, 2 people were injured. 06 DJ 9512 license plate car, directed by Ecevit Özmen, is on the 12 kilometer of Kırıkkale-Ankara highway, [more…]


Silhouette in the Bay Bridge

Silhouette began to emerge on the Gulf Bridge: The silhouette of the Gulf Bridge, the most important crossing point of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project, which will reduce the journey between Istanbul-Izmir highway to 3.5 hours, began to emerge. in February [more…]


Deputy Tunç Amasra Tunnel

Deputy Tunç made a statement about the Amasra Tunnel: AK Party Bartın Deputy Yılmaz Tunç, the opening of the 3 months ago with the participation of Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan ventilation fans in the Amasra Tunnel, [more…]

Asphalt News

Orhangazide Asphalt Works Continues

Asphalt Works Continuing in Orhangazide: Asphalting works continue in Orhangazi regions where infrastructure is completed. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Orhangazi Municipality continued by the paving works entered the market. More [more…]