2,5 In Düzce, Hot Unpaved Village Road In The Year Will Not Stay

2,5 in Düzce will not be a hot unpaved village road in the year: Ak Party Duzce Province President Hikmet Keskin listens to the problems of village headmen and citizens at every opportunity since his arrival in office. Explaining the road problem, one of the common problems, Provincial Chairman Hikmet Keskin said,, 2,5 will not stay in the hot unpaved village road for years. Ortak
President Hikmet Keskin emphasized that the hot asphalt problem of all village roads will be solved during his term in office. Keskin, who visited the village around 150 since January when he was appointed as the provincial chairman, stated that the infrastructure and asphalt problems expressed by the muhtars and citizens as a common problem cannot be solved. Stating that the problem of hot asphalt has been eliminated with the opening of the asphalt plant of the Special Provincial Administration, Hikmet Keskin said, un We did not have asphalt plants before and had to cost a lot of hot asphalt. We now have an asphalt plant and the hot asphalt is cheaper. With the courtesy of Allah, 2 will not be a village road without hot asphalt in the year and a half. We have a sub-structure and service love for this. Bun
The provincial chairman Hikmet Keskin said that they talked to the headmen on all matters and that they discussed the services that would benefit Düzce in a mutual understanding. Keskin said, inde Both our districts and village visits and our headmen are helping us. We consult on the solution of the problems. Our headmen are now aware of everything. Mukhtars primarily want to finish the infrastructure deficiencies such as sewage, electricity and water and then make hot asphalt work. This makes us happy because our muhtars are working to get the service properly. I believe that in our period we will solve the majority of the problems of our villages in Düzce İnan.


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