Many village roads are paved again in Uşak

📩 21/12/2018 17:38

Many village roads are asphalted again in Uşak: Mehmet Nacar, the President of the Provincial Assembly, together with the accompanying delegation, Muharremşah examined the asphalt works on the way to İspiroğlu Mahallesi.
President Mehmet Nacar Road and Transportation Services Manager V. Yusuf İncekaya and information about the work done by the asphalt team. Providing an assessment on the subject during the examinations, Mehmet Nacar, the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly, said: “As the Provincial Special Administration, our 2014 asphalt work continues at full speed. We are currently here to see the on-site asphalt works on the road connecting the İspiroğlu District of Muharremşah Village to the state road. Thanks to Allah, our 2014 asphalt program continues without any problems. We plan to complete all of our asphalt work within the program in August. This year, 15,8 km 1st floor and 52,7 km 2nd floor asphalt have been programmed by the Special Provincial Administration teams, and after completing the construction of all of these roads, we aim to realize an additional 10 percent additional program.
In addition, we will perform the next year's program as a result of the work we will perform together with the technical staff of the Special Provincial Administration before the 2015 budget study. In addition to the asphalt works carried out only during the summer due to the weather conditions, our works such as locked concrete parquet, culvert construction, stabilized road, graded material maintenance, patching, stockpiling and traffic signs are going on routinely throughout the year. Inda

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