Viaport Marine Transportation

Viaport Marine Transportation Havarayla: Via Properties' Viaport Marin, which was built on the sea in Tuzla, Istanbul, will be opened in May 2015. 600 million pounds will be fun park, shopping center, aquarium, hotel and zoo in the project. The marina will be transported by air, and will look like shrimp when viewed from the sky.

The countdown has started in the marina project in TUZLA. Developed on the sea by Via Properties project will be the capacity of 750 yacht. Built in 600 with an investment exceeding 1 million pounds, Viaport Marin will also feature an amusement park, a giant aquarium, a hotel, a shopping mall and a zoo. The project, which ends the 95 of the construction, is planned to be completed in May. We visited the construction site of Viaport Marin, where approximately 1700 people worked, and we listened the project details from Coşkun Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Via Properties.


Bayraktar said they had a fast construction process in the project they started at the beginning of 2014 and they added that they combined retail and entertainment in the marina project. Bayraktar stated that they set out with the aim of making a symbol project to Tuzla and Istanbul. The Marina will appeal to everyone, not just those with boats. People will have fun wandering around the sea. We have mainly established eating shops. We have established roller coster (train) for amusement park. We are planning to bring the wildest animals in the world for the zoo. A large aquarium with 100 meter tunnel
we do, yapıy he said. 215 5 star hotel located on the sea and planned to open in the summer season 2016 stating that the flag of Bayraktar, commercial units rented 80'i said.

3 thousand people will work

Bayraktar, drawing attention to the employment that the project will create, stated that Tuzla Municipality has started training for the personnel to work in the marina. Stating that direct employment will be provided to 3 thousand people living in Tuzla, Bayraktar stated that they expect 20 million visitors a year. Bayraktar also said that they will rebuild 200 fishermen's shelters in the project. Stating that they are building single-storey structures on the sea that are easy on the eyes, Bayraktar said, “The roofs were planned in red. Afterwards, we changed it and had the tiles painted in blue tones abroad in order to integrate with the sea.” Stating that they are planning special programs for children and young people at Viaport Marin, Bayraktar said, “We will bring a large submarine and exhibit it here. We are also planning special education programs for children both in this area and in the aquarium.” Value of Viaport Marin and Tuzla and surrounding counties kazanBayraktar stated that the value of the marina and real estate has increased by 70-200 percent and the increase will continue.

Coşkun Bayraktar gave information to our friend Gülistan Alagöz in the construction site of Viaport Marin.

Will grow abroad

Via Properties, which includes projects such as VİALAND and Viaport Kurtköy and Venezia, aims to become a global brand. Coşkun Bayraktar, who stated that they bought a shopping center in the US last year, said that they are planning to continue their retail investments in the US and Gulf countries. 4 projects in Istanbul 330 thousand square meters of leasable area will reach the Bayraktar, 3 said they plan to exceed a thousand square meters in the year 500. Bayraktar stated that they will complete the Venezi project, which was built in Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa, with a Venice concept, in May and added a new stage to be included in the outlet shopping mall Viaport.

Bayraktar Kardeşler İnşaat (Via Properties) awarded the marina project, which was tendered by Tuzla Municipality, to 120 million 750 thousand TL. kazanhad been. The build-operate-transfer model will be implemented in the marina and the company will have the right to operate for 30 years.


D-100 The tender of the Tuzla Havaray Project covering the 5 kilometer line between the highway and the coast was held in February at 2. Approximately cost 661 thousand 55 pounds as described in the project 11 application was made. The Commission will explain to whom the tender will be given after the detailed examination in the coming days. One pillar of the Havaray project, which aims to relieve the traffic, will be in the Viaport Marin project. D-100 Highway İçmeler The route will start from the front of Tuzla Municipality on Hatboyu Avenue; Shipyards, Rauf Orbay Street, Kafkale Sports Complex after the Vatan Street, and Infantry School Lojmanları'ndan will reach the shore by reaching the shore. With the extension of Havaray line to Tuzla, transportation will be provided with Marmaray, metro and Viaport Marin.

Filling does not carry piles

indicating that they use a different filler systems they build the project on sea Coşkun Bayraktar, "landfills in Turkey would be above the park or the road, we've been building. But here the structures will carry not piles of fillings, Ama he said.

600 thousand square meters construction area size

600 million liras Investment value

750 Yacht capacity

1700 Number of employees on site

3000 Providing direct employment

20 million Annual expected visitors

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