Hundreds of items in IETT's lost property warehouse are waiting for their owners

Hundreds of goods holders in IETT's lost goods warehouse await: Hundreds of goods holders in IETT's lost goods warehouse await. Hundreds of forgotten goods are waiting for their owners in public transport such as buses, trams, metro, ferries and metrobus in Istanbul.

Various items that are forgotten in public transportation vehicles such as buses, trams, subways, ferries and metrobuses in Istanbul are noticed by sensitive citizens and delivered to drivers or line supervisors. The found item is kept in IETT's Lost Property Warehouse in Karaköy.

IETT Customer Services and Corporate Communications Department President Cevdet Güngör said in a statement that people can forget all kinds of items imaginable in buses and other public transportation vehicles.

Güngör, baby clothes in store, ut, accordion, guitar, camera, mobile phone, ipad, laptop, sunglasses, wallet, toy, shoes, car license plate, skate, wedding video, furnishing, identity, travel card, kitchenware, said that there are many interesting items such as bags and household goods.

Explaining that the forgotten item was delivered to security guards and officials on buses, trains, ferries and stations on the city lines, Güngör said, “The found item is delivered to our center after the photos are taken and recorded in our program.

Our warehouse comes to 600 thousand to 2 thousand items per month. If there is personal information in our center, it is ensured to be contacted and delivered ”. Güngör explained that hard-to-preserve materials such as food products or old worn medicines were destroyed in the first sorting, and that those that could be preserved were kept in the warehouse for 3 months. Cevdet Güngör made his remarks as follows: “If the found item has identity or contact information within 3 months, it is definitely notified to the citizen by message. Electronic or some valuables are stored in the warehouse for a year.

They are then put up for sale by open tender. An average of 8-10 thousand lira income is generated annually from the warehouse. As a result of the protocols we made with branches, new items such as clothing, shoes are donated to Kızılay at the end of a year. The unowned passports are sent to the police headquarters and the identity cards are sent to the provincial directorates.

Emphasizing that citizens can access their lost belongings from ALO 153, Güngör said that He stated that they can get information about the lost items by making an inquiry at or coming to IETT in person. Gungor stated that there are 14 million Istanbulkart users in the city and pointed out that approximately 500 thousand cards came to them per month.

Expressing that they plan to inform the citizens about the things they forgot in public transport in the future, Güngör said, “This project requires software. After performing the trials and tests, the system will be implemented before the end of the year. ” Güngör added that the items such as passports, IDs, wallets and bags forgotten by tourists were contacted and delivered after contacting them. Citizens who came to the warehouse to buy the lost items said they were happy because they regained their documents such as identity and driver's license and various other items.

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