Levent Gök asked for his watches

Levent Gök asked about the subway times: Levent Gök asked when the regulation that would take the metro hours in Ankara would be improved. CHP Group Deputy Chairman Levent Gök asked when the regulation that would take the subway hours in Ankara would be made.

Gök, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun the Parliamentary Presidency of the question to the Presidency of the Parliament, he said:

“When will the regulation, which pushes the metro departure times, which force the citizens to return before they finish their work, be made?

When will the transfer in the Kizilay-Batikent-Sincan OSB / Törekent line end?

When will it be ensured that a passenger who takes the metro from Sincan OSB / Törekent station can go to Çay Yolu without having to transfer in any way?

When will a person who wants to get on the metro from Kızılay and go to Sincan, get rid of the transfer by landing in Batıkent?

When will the number of wagons between Kızılay-Batıkent and Batıkent-Sincan be increased?

When will you increase the number of wagons between Red Crescent and Koru?

What is the cause of delay and delay in all lines?

If there is a train coming from Çay Yolu, another train to enter the section in Kızılay, when will the train stop from Necatibey station and the train coming from Batıkent stop waiting at Sıhhiye or previous stops from time to time?

Although it is appropriate to have a 'slippery floor' warning for the water that has accumulated on the ground at the Kızılay subway station, whose ceiling has been flowing for weeks, but why is the necessary repair to prevent dripping?

Do you think of opening an investigation for these unfinished works, although it has been announced that the last train departure times have been made since May 12, 2014 and signaling systems integration studies will be carried out in Ankara metro lines and will be completed by the end of the year in order to provide a fast and comfortable train operation without passenger transfer? ”

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