IETT Opens New Lines Integrated to Marmaray

Map of Marmaray
Marmaray Map and Marmaray Expedition Times

Additional new lines were opened on 5 new lines that IETT put into service just before the opening of Marmaray.

In order to ensure the integration of Marmaray with other public transportation vehicles, additional new lines were opened on 5 new lines that IETT put into service just before the opening of Marmaray. The opening was held on 29 October 2013 with the participation of President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. IETT had established new bus lines in order to integrate Marmaray, which connects its two sides from the submarine, with other public transportation vehicles.

Along with the new lines opened in connection with the Separation Fountain, Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme stations on the Anatolian and European sides of the line, the route was changed to serve Marmaray in some existing lines. On the Marmaray-connected lines, 45 buses make more than 500 daily trips and an average of 25 thousand passengers are transported.

Opening of Marmaray eased the burden of metrobus

With the opening of Marmaray, the metrobus in Yenibosna, Zeytinburnu, CevizliWhile the number of daily trips at Bağ, Edirnekapı and Söğütlüçeşme stations decreased by 7.3 percent, this rate goes up to 12.7 percent in the morning hours. With Marmaray, there was a 5 percent decrease in the number of daily journeys of the metrobus. Before Marmaray, the number of journeys of the metrobus, which was 785 thousand, decreased to 750 thousand after the opening of Marmaray. In other words, 10 thousand 800 people started to use Marmaray instead of metrobus. This has eased the burden of the metrobus a little.

Feeding Lines from Metrobus to Marmaray

MR10 Zeytinburnu-Kazlicesme, MR11 CevizliYeniköy, Yeniköy, Yeniköy, Yenikoy, Yenikoy, Yenikoy, Yenikoy Halkalı- In addition to the new lines, MR2 Bostancı Ayrılıkçeşme MR12 Vezneciler-Edirnekapı-Kazlıçeşme, 97E Kemerburgaz University-Güneşli-Kazlıçeşme, 19FK Fındıklı Neighborhood Ayrılıkçeşme new lines were opened.

Integrated Lines from Metrobus to Metro

In addition to metrobus and Marmaray integration, IETT has lines that allow integration with the metro. 614 lines connecting Mecidiyeköy metrobus stop with subway with 3 vehicles and 530 thousand 77 voyages; 385 lines connecting Yenibosna metrobus stop with subway with 2 vehicles and 151 thousand 51 voyages; With 538 vehicles, 2 thousand 671 voyages, 52 lines connecting Uzunçayır metrobus stop and metro, 466 vehicles, 3 thousand 47 flights and 65 lines connecting Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop and metro, serve at metrobus-metro integration points.

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