IC-ARE 2015 Conference Program

IC-ARE 2015 Conference Program: A regular annual congress is organized under the cooperation of Istanbul University Engineering Faculty and Iran Science and Technology University Railway Engineering Faculty. In the Faculty of Engineering of the University, studies are carried out on the railway sector in coordination with TCDD and projects are being developed. Many foreign experts working professionally in the field of railroad are involved in these projects.

In addition, we have many graduate and doctorate students who have been conducting a thesis study in the field of railways. From this point of view, our department has become a center where scientific and practical works have been carried out for the railway sector. These studies carried out in the field of railways need to be put on a scientific ground, common R & D projects should be developed and technological knowledge must be shared and increased. From this point of view, there is a need for a regular congress for the railway sector.

Our congress has been the focus of interest for everyone working in the railway sector since it aims to raise the quality both scientifically and to promote the technological developments in the sector. Our congress will be the largest congress of the Middle East in the railway sector.

The main topics of the Congress are presented below;

• Railway Vehicles

• Railway Parts

• Railway Transportation

• Railway Electrification and Signaling

• Urban Rail Systems

Congress program will be as follows;

• Opening (with protocol speeches)

• Simultaneous Presentations

• Invited Specialist Speakers

• Industrial Company Presentations

• Workshop Studies

As a result, 02-04 March 2015 is waiting for your valuable participation at the congress of ic International Congress on Advanced Railway Engineering ev (www.ic-are.org), which is planned to be held by Istanbul University.

Click here for the conference program

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