The bitter end of the asphalt worker

The bitter end of the asphalt worker: In the capital city, during the asphalt work of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the driver of a car escaped from the crash site after striking the driver of a car to the pontoon who placed a pontoon for the traffic to flow safely. As a result of the accident, the municipal worker, died at the scene.
The accident occurred at Yenimahalle at 02.30. According to information obtained, the Big City Municipality teams on the Istanbul Road Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard was doing asphalt work. During the works, a white car, whose name was not known, was hit by the municipal worker Selahattin Şen, who placed the pontoon on the road to ensure the safe flow of traffic. The driver of the white car's driver, Şen'e escaped from the scene and got lost.
Sen witnesses witnessed the accident, the white car at the first moment, not the friends of the road, but he thought the road hitting the pontoons. When they went to the scene of the accident, who noticed the reality of the Sen, immediately informed the police and medical teams. Medical teams from the scene, Şen'e intervened. After the control of the health teams, learned that Şen died. Upon this, the crime scene investigation teams called, found investigations in the accident area. After examination of the teams, Şen's lifeless body was taken to Ankara Forensic Medicine Morgu. The road after the accident was closed to traffic for a while.
Sen news of the death of his colleagues drowned in great sorrow. Police teams, the fleeing of the driver has begun working for the capture.


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