Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center is located on the slopes of Bayraktepe in the Sarıkamış district of Kars province. Sarıkamış is considered as the second place in the world in terms of snow quality after the Alps. Located east of Turkey, and yet undiscovered literally Bayraktepe Sarıkamış Ski Center, made in 2015 waiting for ski lovers with latest innovations and additions.

The 2200 has seven separate trails at the altitude, allowing skiers of different levels. 1700 m. The first lift in length is the 3 with an ideal slope for beginners in skiing. the length of a runway is connected to the ski resort. 2600 m. The second lift, which is the second lift, reaches to the peak point with the view of Allahuekber and Aladag and Sarıkamış settlement and connects to the first fiber with 4 runway. In Xnumx, Karanlıkdere which is suitable for the master skiers and with the M2015 chairlift system which was put into service in the same year, three different tracks will be opened at the end of 5 at the end of the 2015, where the number of red and black pistes increases. 4300 m. with two alpine rides in length, a snowboard track with an 200 meter and two cafes and a cafe in Karanlıkdere, a total of three cafes serve to relax the ski lovers.

A track that has been opened this year by the beginner skiers and the regions that do not represent danger, is also open until the night at 20: 00. For those who want to tour with snowmobiles, 5-50 km. vehicle tours available in length.

Common Ski Pass Application

All hotels in Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center have a common ski pass application, so there is no problem in the turnstiles and you can easily skip the desired track without having to wait in the queue. Sarikamis Tourism Association President Mir Hasan Baş, again this year designed and opened in the coming days to open the slides with guests who do not ski and also gives children the good news.

As Turkey's east remained cold weather and transportation negativity seems only 45 minutes you reach the ski resort from Kars Airport. Moreover, this year renewed roads are quite comfortable as double strips. In terms of flight times, both tourism and ski lovers are a bit troublesome, because the flight times to Kars Airport are in the middle of the day, so you are losing the day when you arrive, and this situation affects domestic and foreign tourists' choice of Sarıkamış negatively. Everyone has a single request about it in the early morning flight.

Snowfall in Yellow Pine Forests

As for the weather, Bayraktepe, which is unaffected by snow and fog, never runs down. When the sun shows itself in its warmest condition, you can even slip with the polarity, and you can easily handle the coldest and cons in the air. Cold weather resistant and through pine forests with tree species that can grow over one meter 2500 also the only region with no avalanche danger in Turkey.

With three new hotels in 2015, the Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center with a bed capacity of 1500 can accommodate three, four, five star hotels and apartments and guest houses. Dolina Sarikamis Hotel, one of the three hotels that run directly from the ski room, is the General Manager of Dolin Sarikamis Hotel. states that they will.

Again in January this year for the first time and the snow will be repeated each year off road and snow festival will also increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Sarikamis.

If you want to spend a day at Sarıkamış to serve the ski lovers until the end of April, you can visit the Sarıkamis Martyrdom in the city where the 60 bin soldiers freeze and the 17 cemetery where the soldiers died. You can see the Katherina Pavilion, which is located on the same road and is probably called 2016 in the name of the hunting lodge, which will be in service as a hotel. If you have time to visit Cıldır Lake, Ani Ruins, Cheese Museum located in Bogatpe are also places to visit.
Night Safarisi Will Start in Sarıkamış

The Night Safari, which is in the plans for Mir Hasan Baş next year, is really exciting. All the hotels in Sarikamis dump food trash into a certain area and the food that is frozen in the winter melts by the end of March, from the beginning of April, when the air slowly heats, wolves, grizzly bears and pigs are fed together in the natural environment at night. There are documentaries in this area. Authorities who plan to organize night safaris to watch this natural environment to the guests coming to the ski resort also plan to watch it live in hotels with the camera system.

Sarıkamış Bayraktepe, which has become the new favorite of ski lovers with its nature, crystal snow quality, long and wide runways, has every possibility from ski hire to snowboarding course.

72 hotel rooms Dolina General Manager Recep can not relax, increase the quality of services in all Sarıkamış Hotels Sarıkamış with innovations that they do every year just might be the favorite of the world it is not in Turkey, also adding that they were doing all kinds of work with authorities to it. Dolina hotel as they do on the ice rink this year Kars'l primary school they run them by establishing a skating team and they put their children to Turkey Championship, he adds.

The second ski resort outside the Bayraktepe Ski Center in Sarıkamış district is connected to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the aim of training more sportsmen, Osman Yüce Ski and Camping Training Directorate. 1967, named after our national skier who died in a traffic accident in 2100, has a height of five minutes on a 960 meter run.

Although a large part of the year is spent in the sun, the first day of the snow does not lose its property, the coarse-grained crystal snow quality of Sarıkamış Ski Center accommodation is also available to suit every bag. Although the hotel is the largest, most forested hotel in Sarıkamış, and the hotel has the highest bed capacity, the decline in service quality due to the changes in the management of the hotel last year required us to choose Dolina Hotel this year. For those looking for a smaller, more boutique and customer-oriented service concept, Dolina Sarikamis Hotel can be preferred. All hotels include airport hotel transfer rates. Alone this year with a new application and some hotel prices do not include ski pass, the hotel to stay in advance to get information.


Dolina Sarikamis Hotel (2 full board 350 TL)


Camkar Hotels

0474.413.65.65 (2 person full board 380 TL)

Whitepark Hotels

0474.413.45.44 (200 TL full board per person)

Şehr-i Beyza Suit Hotel (inner city)

413.42.42 (full board per person 150

Daily Tour

Kars Kop-Tur 0543.359.15.14

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