Japanese Embassy Staff in Ilgazda

Ilgaz Ski and Ilgaz Cable Car
Ilgaz Ski and Ilgaz Cable Car

Ilgaz Yıldıztepe Ski Center turns into a festival area on weekends. Yıldıztepe ski center, which is one of the new ski centers in the region, hosted its guests from the surrounding provinces this weekend as well. In addition to the ski center, it was full of excursionists in the Kadın Çayırı Nature Park. The picnic area was almost covered with the smoke of barbecue vendors.

In a beautiful weather, among the Scotch pine forests, there were many people who enjoyed barbecue on the snow up to 70 centimeters, as well as those who skied on difficult tracks. By using the chairlift as much as skiers, excursionists had the opportunity to watch the insatiable view of Ilgaz Mountain covered with Scotch pine forests. Ilgaz Yıldıztepe also had important guests this week. The Japanese Ambassador and embassy staff, the managers of the Çankırı Japanese Sumitomo Tire Factory preferred Ilgaz at the end of this week.

Only the ambassador, the embassy staff and their families made a short holiday at Ilgaz.

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