Traffic Problem Of Yalova Without Environment Path

Yalovan's Traffic Problem Cannot be Solved Without the Ring Road: Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman stated that the expropriation of the ring road cannot be done due to high costs and said, “We cannot solve the traffic problem of Yalova without the Ring Road.
Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman participated in the breakfast organized by Yalova Chamber of Service Operators. Arif Oktay Tunç, the President of the Chamber of Servants, and the chamber chairman Tunç, who took the floor in the breakfast, attended the breakfast. We have to fight the pirate. If we don't take care of our bread, everybody will run here. We had a number of requests about the traffic regulation of Yalova Municipality. We wanted a place from the terminal. We wanted a place to give us charisma and air. Our mayor is looking at this positively ”.
Bronze, 15 said a meeting will be held to determine how it should be that of the server, such as in Turkey in March. Referring to the fact that Özgecan Aslan, a university student, was the victim of a brutal murder, Tunç said, “I wish it hadn't happened. Today we have the document I'm talking about. That document why you go to the courthouse, driver's license questioning, health check, why do you understand? Are you aware of your quality, how much better drivers you are, friends. We're different for him, so we say no to piracy. There are institutions that audit you, you have documents ”.
“A must for the Ring Road”
Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman touched on the traffic shortage in the city. Salman said:
the smallest province in terms of area Yalova Turkey. It is the most troubled province in terms of traffic and transportation. We cannot find the solution to the problem with the municipality alone. We must be together. Last day Kadıköy We had a meeting with the Mayor, Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for the Ring Road. This work is done only by the order of the prime minister. There are places with agricultural land that have been removed by the Agricultural Manager. The Ministry of Agriculture is not possible, it does not tolerate it. Even the minister cannot solve the authority. We need to nationalize 300 acres of land. Expropriation figures from 1-2 years ago are 118 million liras. Now it is more. Kadıköy Municipality's 20-year budget. Only the highway solves this. Do you need the Ring Road? We cannot solve the traffic problem of Yalova without making that Ring Road. ”

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