2. sea ​​fill airport to be built in Rize

  1. fill in Rize airport will be built in the sea: the filler and the sea second airport to be built in Turkey will be Rize- Artvin Airport.
    After the Ordu-Giresun Airport will be built in Turkey by sea filler second airport will be Rize- Artvin Airport. Project studies were started for the airport that was taken to the government's 2015 investment program. 520 766 for the airport expected to cost a million dollars in the project area will be composed of hectare area of ​​approximately 266 hectares of sea fill will be made.
    The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has taken Rize-Artvin Airport to its priority investment program. After opening planned in March Ordu-Giresun Airport will be built in Turkey by sea filler second airport will begin in the second quarter of the year the construction of Rize and Artvin. With the completion of the project, the annual average 850-900 thousand passengers and the average 15-20 flight capacity per day will be completed. Considering the fact that Havaş organized an 17 bus service to Rize on a daily basis and that the number of passengers using Trabzon Airport is the average 2 bin 500 with its special vehicles, the construction of Rize-Artvin Airport was decided.
    520 million dollar project
    The project, which is planned to be constructed between Rize's district of Pazar and Yeşilköy settlements, will be composed of 766 hectares. In the project area, about 266 hectares of land will be filled. Rize-Artvin Airport is expected to cost 2014 million pounds for the infrastructure at 400 unit prices and 120 million pounds for the superstructure. 520 is planned for the construction of the airport and 300 personnel are planned to be operational during the operation phase. The airport will be located in Rize city center, 1000 and Artvin will be 34 kilometers away.
    Launched at 2017
    Within the scope of the project, a runway with a width of 36 meters and a length of 45 thousand meters and an apron of 3 × 240 meters will be built, where 120 aircraft can land and take off per hour. Rize Airport, which will generally serve passenger and cargo aircraft, is also expected to serve aircraft with composition class D, turbulence class heavy, take-off weight more than 1 thousand kilograms. It was stated that the projected economic life of the airport, which is planned to be opened in 150, is 2017 years.

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