Minister Canikli announces date for inauguration of Ordu-Giresun Airport

Minister Canikli gave the date for the opening of Ordu-Giresun Airport: Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli said that the first commercial flights will start at Ordu-Giresun Airport as of May.
Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Minister Yahya head, Highways General Manager Mehmet Cahit Turhan and Giresun Governor Hasan Karahan Gülyalı ongoing construction in the district, will carry the only airport property was built by filling the sea to Europe and Turkey Ordu He made investigations at Giresun Airport and received information from the authorities.
Canikli, said in a statement to reporters, he said the project is one of Turkey's prestige projects. Canikli emphasized that the airport is one of the few airports in the world made by filling the sea. “When we look at it, it is an important and big investment. This is not just an investment concern Turkey, the world's investment focus. A very modern airport is being built. Kul he said.
After long struggles of such an investment is brought into Turkey stressed Canikli, he said the project is for a figure so far spent over 300 million pounds. Canikli said that the project would contribute to the Eastern Black Sea region, including the provinces of Ordu and Giresun, and added: zaman When there is no airport, we cannot attract tourists to these areas. In recent years, there is an intense demand for tourism especially from the Gulf and Arab countries. Now, after the opening of this area, we expect tourists to prefer these regions more. It will add a very serious momentum to the Black Sea. It will contribute a lot in both tourism and economy. ”
Minister Canikli, 3 thousand meters of runway length of the airport and has an annual capacity of 3 million passengers, he added.
Canikli pointed out that the disasters occurred in the last 100 years were calculated and the plans were made while the airport was being built. “Therefore, this airport is of very high quality. All technological facilities were used in the construction of the airport. Hopefully 26 will launch its first commercial flights in May. Turkish Airlines currently sells 26 May tickets from Istanbul. ”
Canikli, President Erdogan expect the date of the appointment they will receive, Prime Minister Davutoglu, when appropriate, the opening ceremony of the airport, he added.

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