Oman National Railway Network

Oman National Railway Network: It was stated that the final preparations for the 2 km railway tender, which is the second leg of the Sultanate of Oman National Railway Network project, have come and it is likely to be announced early.
According to the information received, the second leg of the 240 km long railway project, which is planned to be built from the Hafeet region in the province of Buraimi to the State of Dhahirah, will consist of 2 parts. While the first 2 km sector covers the region between Hafeet and İbri, the 114 sectors will extend to the Economic Zone which is planned to be established from Ibri city and will be 2 km long.
On the other hand, the tender for the 2.135 km railway from Sohar port to Buraimi Province, which is currently in the process of approving the technical administrative specifications and which will be the first leg of the 207 km long National Railway Project, will be finalized in 2015 and the construction works will start at the end of the year.
2. We would like to remind you that the necessary information will be made on this page after the announcement of the tender for the foot.




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