36 Kars

Foreign students are learning to ski

Foreign students learn to ski: Foreign students from different countries learn to ski in Cıbıltepe Ski Center in Sarıkamış district of Kars. Developed by the Sarıkamış District Governorship's R&D unit and the District Directorate of National Education, [more…]

14 Bolu

Skiing excitement in Bolu

Bolu cross country excitement: Turkey Ski Federation Ski Cross B League Competition, Bolu Geremi in the district yapıldı.arkut Mountain competition held at Ski Center, Sivas, Nigde, Bolu, joined 98 athletes, including the Kirsehir and Nevsehir. Skiers, adults, teenagers, [more…]

36 Kars

Tourists enjoy skiing in Cıbıltepe

Tourists' skiing pleasure in Cıbıltepe: Local and foreign tourists enjoy skiing at the Cıbıltepe Ski Center at an altitude of 2 thousand 634 in the Sarıkamış district of Kars. After the intermittent snowfall, on the 2nd stage tracks, the snow thickness is 75 [more…]

25 Erzurum

Palandöken brand in winter tourism

Palandöken became a brand in winter tourism: Erzurum Governor Altıparmak: “There is a project for the cable car connection between Konaklı and Palandöken. If we provide this cable car connection, I do not think that anywhere will compete with this place. About 20 kilometers between the two. So 20 kilometers [more…]

18 Cankiri

Rescue Drill at Ilgaz Ski Center

Rescue Exercise at Ilgaz Ski Center: The images revealed during the rescue exercise carried out by the gendarmerie in Ilgaz, the ski resort of Çankırı, did not sound like the truth. The images revealed during the rescue exercise carried out by the gendarmerie in Ilgaz, the ski resort of Çankırı, did not look like the truth. Provincial Gendarmerie Command [more…]


Big piece of rock breaking down the highway fell

The large piece of rock that broke off the slope fell on the highway: In the Demirci District of Manisa, the large piece of rock that broke off the slope fell on the Demirci-Salihli Highway. The absence of vehicles on the highway at the time of the incident prevented a possible disaster. With the work of the teams, the rock was removed from the road. Breaking off the slope [more…]

Asphalt News

Patches are made on the roads in the green

Damaged Roads Are Patched in Çanakkale: In Çan district of Çanakkale, Highways teams have started maintenance and repair work on roads that have recently deteriorated after heavy snowfall. The roads that have deteriorated in the Highways responsibility area in Çan district are repaired with asphalt patch material. Highways authorities, [more…]

Asphalt News

Road Marking Study on Silk Road

Road Line Work was Done on İpekyol: Line work was started on the asphalted roads within the scope of superstructure works in Silopi district of Şırnak. Pedestrian crossings and parking spaces in streets and streets, which are one of the most important elements that ensure safety in traffic flow in Silopi [more…]

386 Slovenia

Koper-Divaca Second Railway Line Project

Koper-Divaca Second Railway Line Project: Koper-Divaca Second Railway Line Construction Project is among the government's priorities. Despite the necessary permissions for the construction of the project, negotiations on financing are still ongoing. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia, in its statements on the subject, [more…]


Bridge Overpass Transportation in Foça

Bridge Over the Channel Transportation in Foça: Foça Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs provided transportation by providing a bridge over the irrigation canal located on the 535 Street in Gerenköy. Bridge needed by the citizens living in Gerenköy, Foca Municipality Science [more…]


Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway project 'approached to an end

The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway project is coming to an end: The most important part of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway project, the towers rising above the sea, which form the bridge pillars of the Izmir Bay Crossing Bridge, have been completed. The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway project, which will reduce İzmir in 3,5 hours [more…]

Asphalt News

Meram 'stamp' for 2014

Meram 'stamp' on 2014: Meram Municipality left its mark on 2014 in road paving and arrangement, surface coating, border and parquet flooring and other science works. The approximate cost of the work carried out in a one-year period was 17 million TL. [more…]


RayHaber 15.01.2015 Tender Bulletin

Toilet system will be purchased for Anatolian DMU vehicles (TÜVASAŞ) Exhaust Rocker Forged Raw will be purchased (TÜLOMSAŞ) Level Crossing Guard Service will be taken Personnel and car rental service will be taken Toilet System will be purchased for Anatolian DMU Vehicles (TÜVASAŞ)

Asphalt News

Asphalt patch works from İskenderun Municipality

Asphalt patch works from İskenderun Municipality: Maintenance and repair works of İskenderun Municipality on the streets continue at full speed. Mayor Seyfi Dingil said, "Our roads will no longer be dust, there will be no mud," said İskenderun Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs. [more…]


Inadequate lighting of Göcek Tunnel

The lighting of the Göcek Tunnel is insufficient: The lack of lighting system of the Göcek Tunnel on the Fethiye - Muğla highway invites the accident. The 2005-meter-long Göcek Tunnel, the foundation of which was laid in 2006 and opened in July 970 [more…]

39 Italy

Unusual train from the designer of Ferraris

Unusual train from Ferrari's designer: Ken Okuyama, designer of Ferrari, designed a super luxury train for the Japanese railway JR East. The front of the train, which has two cruise wagons with glass walls, is also made entirely of glass. Passengers, this [more…]


Governor Bektaş: Sabuncubeli Tunnel Will End Up

Governor Bektas: Sabuncubeli Tunnel in the End of the End of Expedition.Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektaş 15 9 to reduce the time between Manisa and Izmir 2011 date laid on the date of 1 but due to the bankruptcy of the company 2014 November XNUMX was stopped on the construction of the Sabuncubeli [more…]


Speed ​​Limit Increase on Split Roads

Increasing the Speed ​​Limit on Divided Roads: It was reported by the Eskişehir Provincial Police Department that a correspondence was made with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality on the issue of increasing the speed on divided roads under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways and divided roads under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]