01 Adana

Adana Scrapped Wagons Burned

Scrapped Wagons in Adana Burned: A fire broke out during the dismantling of the scrapped wagons in Adana because they had completed their useful life. It is focused on the possibility that the wagons were 'intentionally burned'. Serving in railway transportation for many years [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sirkeci Station to be converted into a museum

Sirkeci Station will be turned into a museum: another big project for Istanbul Mustafa Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir informed that a big city square will be built between Sirkeci and Cankurtaran. Demir said, trafik The traffic between Sirkeci and Cankurtaran [more…]

07 Antalya

High-speed train line project

Tourism high-speed train line project: The countdown has begun for Turkey's first tourism-oriented high-speed train line project. The giant project announced by Minister Elvan and which will connect 6 cities [more…]

ankara bursa yht project question given
06 Ankara

18 million people moved with YHT

18 million people were transported by YHT: Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan said, “The number of passengers who preferred the high-speed train in 5 years has exceeded 18 million and so far a total of 60 thousand 582 people. [more…]

09 Aydin

Unrestrained level crossing closed

Uncontrolled level crossing closed, citizens rebelled: In Ortaklar affiliated to Aydın Germencik, the uncontrolled level crossing closed with iron bars by TCDD caused reaction. Neighborhood residents, Atatürk and Dr. connecting Mahirbey streets [more…]

35 Izmir

Reaction to transportation in Izmir

Reaction to transportation hike in İzmir: İZMİR's Karşıyaka A group of Dev-Lis members gathered in the District of Kentkart before they press Karşıyaka He jumped from the turnstiles at the Ferry Pier and protested the transportation hike made by the Metropolitan Municipality. group, collective [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bomb panic at Marmaray station

Bomb panic at Marmaray station: ISTANBUL The bag left in front of the Marmaray station in Kazlıçeşme caused a panic. The suitcase detonated by the bomb disposal team detonated with clothes. Bus stop in front of Marmaray station in Kazlıçeşme, Istanbul [more…]


Railway promise from Yılmaz to Kırşehir

A railway promise from Yılmaz to Kırşehir: Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz said that a railway will be brought to Kırşehir. The AK Party 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress held in Kırşehir was attended by the Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz and the AK Party Chairman. [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara remains in the subway

Ankara stayed in the subway class: The public transportation system serving in the capital attracts the reactions of the citizens. Sparse ring services with slow-moving trains waiting for long at some stations [more…]

56 Siirt

Rise of Efe to Tillo Castle

From Efe to Tillo Castle Glass Terrace Instead of Glass Terrace: Siirt University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Secretary Mehmet Efe, Tillo District planned to be made by the district instead of the glass terrace project proposed cable car, cable car [more…]


Cable Car Proposal Instead of Glass Terrace from Efe

Cable Car Suggestion from Efe Instead of Glass Terrace: Mehmet Efe, Secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Siirt University, suggested that the cable car be built instead of the glass terrace project planned by the Tillo District Governorate, and that the ropeway project is the same [more…]

16 Bursa

Ropeway in Uludağ

Cable Car Ordeal in Uludağ: The way back to Uludağ, which is one of the important centers of winter tourism, by cable car turned into an ordeal. The way back to Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, by cable car turned into an ordeal. Due to the problems in the cable car [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Weekend intensity at Kartepe ski center

Weekend density in Kartepe ski center: The occupancy rate in the ski resort in Kartepe, one of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, reached 100 percent at the weekend. The summit of the Samanlı Mountains, one of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, is located in Kartepe. [more…]

58 Sivas

Sivas People Flocked to Stars Ski Resort

People of Sivas flock to Yıldızdağı Ski Facilities: Yıldızdağı Winter Sports and Tourism Center, whose construction works were completed in Sivas, entered the service of the people as of the weekend. The people of Sivas, who take advantage of the weekend, are new. [more…]

Sarikamis Cibiltepe Ski Resort
36 Kars

Kars Cıbıltepe Ski Facilities Are Full

Located in Kars Sarıkamış District, Cebiltepe Ski Center has become a place for ski lovers despite the cold weather. Ski lovers, who took advantage of the weekend, left with their families in Sarıkamış. Cibiltepe, where the snow depth reaches 75 cm [more…]


Highways General Manager Visited Darende

General Manager of Highways Visited Darende: General Manager of Highways, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, stayed in Darende district of Malatya for 1 day due to heavy snow and visited the Municipality. The last of the Nissibi Bridge built in Adıyaman [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Paving at Minus 3 Degrees

Asphalt pavement at minus 3 degrees: After rain, hail and snowfall, some of the streets and streets turned into a sea of ​​pits, and the Municipality teams did not take a vacation at the weekend. Rain, hail and snowfall [more…]

Radar Control

Vehicle Controls In The Rain

Vehicle inspections were punished: General Directorate of Road Regulatory teams, last year 75 roadside inspection station, a total of 34 million 942 thousand 988 vehicles were inspected. General Directorate of Highway Regulation [more…]