Durmazlarproduced by the world's 7 tram tramekceği tram brand

DurmazlarIt produced by the world's 7th tram tram Silkworm brand: the tram they were Turkey's first domestically produced. Even Germany, the homeland of the industry Durmazlarof markaj in Instagram Account.

Turkey's first domestically produced tram of them. Durmazlaris the 7 tram brand of the world. Not only local tenders, but also Germany Durmazlarof markaj in Instagram Account. Their only competitors are the Chinese…

A global brand in the machinery industry Durmazlar. In the United States, the fuel tank of space rockets is made with the machines it produces. Even the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean are using machines. Giant of the machine Durmazlar It does not settle with this, it starts to produce trams and gives the first trams to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality last year. Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm today, carries its passengers in Bursa way ... Durmazlar Holding Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz is ambitious in this regard. “We sell the silkworm to Germany first. I feel that way. There are high costs, they can not produce. We have full confidence in our vehicles. Already the vehicles we sell to Germany to start walking, drum and zurna will play on the street. I'm gonna play it myself and play it myself. The only rivals are the Chinese. The state subsidizes them. We'il sell it to China even after Germany. They have been selling us for centuries, so we will. He will also ”says…

Establishing its future vision on machinery and rail systems Durmazlar The machine is the producer of the world's 7 tram brand İpekböceği today. Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Durmazlaris one of the main sectors of production. If requested, they can produce 100 trams per year, says Durmaz. Var We have space, we have empty land. We can manufacture in any factory. The important thing is the project. ” Hüseyin Durmaz emphasizes that they have the flexibility and infrastructure to take positions according to demand. Today, it is pointed out that local governments are trying to solve city traffic with public transportation systems and that rail systems come to the fore. Last year, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality gave 6 car Durmazlarstarted to chase the tenders across the country. In the past months, Izmir's tender for 38 vehicles kazanwas. Kayseri, Diyarbakir, Adana, Mersin and Kocaeli tenders and Izmir, Adana and Bursa metro tenders are next.

A tram to Inno Trans will also take you to the subway

"It was one of Bursa xnumx'lik line with Turkey's most difficult slopes and twisty section line. It is little to accomplish him. İpekböçeği proved itself in Bursa, we have confidence in ourselves, "said Hussein Durmaz, which will be held in Berlin in September, the world's largest rail systems Inno Trans'a a two-way tram and a subway car will take its own produced. It will be on the world market with both metro and tram. We are in partnership with Alstom araç The engines of our vehicles are produced by Siemens. 8.2 thousand vehicles using these engines are moving around the world. So we're not rediscovering things. No trial boards. We use them, whichever is the best, en says Durmaz. Alstom, Bombardier and high-speed train project in Turkey on the agenda of world giants such as Siemens also Durmazlar excited. Al Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens are all over the world, Bu he says. We will also benefit from the tenders they will receive. We're waiting for a quick train to get e-business. If Alstom gets the contract and we can agree, they will do it with us. We signed a preliminary agreement with Alstom Transport to build a joint venture in the production of bogie chassis. Now we are negotiating for partnership. A high-speed train requires at least a 5 mile test track. If we cannot find a place in Bursa, we will go to a place with a railway network. Biz

Now we wouldn't enter because of the intensity of work

Hüseyin Durmaz: u The silkworm 2008 crisis has had an opportunity. When things stopped at 2008, we lost our business. Due to the developments in the world, our business has dropped from 2008 to 100. We were on a quest. The Mayor of Bursa also called someone who would make this work in Bursa. Approximately 35 company was made. Couldn't get a positive response. For us, it was a good time to enter the project in terms of work intensity. Let's start today, because of the intensity of work in the machine part did not enter. The municipality has no share in this business. They only got the project. We can process one percent of the 10 millimeter. 1 year after the year 2 are filling. It accumulation we would not enter this business. "Durmaz, rail systems do not pass without drawing attention to Turkey's delay in the production:" xnumx't made to 60 kilometers speeding train in England. We produced the native tram in 1803. 100 industry is the first R & D center in the industry. 2013'da established this initiative behind the strong R & D structure, 210 years of experience in the industry, the value of a family business management is maintained.

Established the first R & D center of the sector in 2010

Durmazlar. Now 70 is working in this department, making improvements for both the rail systems and the machinery section. Hüseyin Durmaz said lider We want to continue to lead the machine and create the sector in rail systems and serve the country bundan. The next plan of Hüseyin Durmaz is to create a sub-industry in the field of rail systems in Bursa. “We support this. We prefer domestic production of the same quality rather than from abroad. If there is domestic production in and around Bursa, it is our reason of choice. Our aim is that our people should be satisfied and our people should be employed. ”

Growing on the machine

Durmazlar Exports 75 percent of machine production. 120 machines are being used in the country. 80 is a dealer in the country, 1.500 employees in the holding. Durmazlar's export tradition goes back to ancient times. The first export is made to Germany in 1977. Today, the export figure exceeds 110 million dollars. Last year 8 growth in turnover was recorded. This year, the expectation is not below 10 percent. Hüseyin Durmaz makes the following assessment about growth: uz We are moving forward by growing in the machine. Except for China in the machinery sector, we are the largest 5 in the world. We are the world's winner except China. Hüseyin Durmaz points out that many countries, except Germany, have not recovered since the 2008 crisis. “Spain has no business in Portugal, few in France, no Egypt, Syria and Greece. There's an embargo in Iran. Many countries have not recovered since 2008. The Italian and the Germans came out of machine production Turkey and in this process Durmazlar Our growth is promising. ”

A new prestige project for Bursa kazanwe will rattle

Hüseyin Durmaz tells us that they have been leading the Hilton hotels in Bursa and they opened two 3 stars and two 5 stars together for the first time in the world. Now there is a residence and shopping center project. Acak There will be two houses, one office building. There will be a shopping center next to it. After getting off the subway, you will enter the shopping center. Bursa will be a prestige project again. With this investment, we also go to diversity in our business area. We have set up a big factory to produce insulation material, but we are at the beginning of the road. We hedge risk with new jobs. Yeni

Parity reduces competition chances

Whatever the sector parity reduces the competitiveness of Turkey. Even if the parity is one-to-one, we'll shake Asian competition. Our exports increase in all sectors. We reach the 2023 targets in a very short time. Rac 2013 is a billion dollars in 14. There is excess supply in the world. We have to fight and compete. Therefore, it is not in favor of the valuable Turkish Lira Exporter.

They knew us as a tomato country

30 years ago, Germany, the machine to sell, we could not sell on our behalf. We could not write uk Made in Turkey “. They knew us as the country of tomatoes, the country of agriculture. Now we and our entire sector are struck by our ”Made in Turkey gö mark. Turkish machines began to be accepted in Europe with us in Europe.

Offset Act to create sector

Offset Act will benefit all the manufacturers in Turkey. It did not occur in the rail sector in Turkey. Offset Act by forcing foreign firms will look for partners in Turkey. This will cause the sector to form. In addition, if the localization rate is 50 percent, it will return to the state as 67 percent income with factors such as employment and tax. In addition, there is a requirement that 15 percent price difference can be given in domestic procurements in public tenders. The Ministry of Economy will announce which goods are included. It is likely that rail system technologies will also be included. For example, if a municipality tells us 1 instead of 1.15 instead of Chinese in the tender, employment to the state will return 57 percent in taxes.

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