16 Bursa

Lodos barrier to Uludağ cable car services

South wind obstacle to Uludağ cable car services: The cable car services operated by the Metropolitan Municipality between the city center and Uludağ will not be able to be operated between 30 January and 1 February due to strong wind (south wind). Bursa Cable Car [more…]

palandoken ski resort
25 Erzurum

Family Skiing in Erzurum Palandöken

Rizeli Özben-Cemil Bıçakcı couple, who came to Palandöken Ski Center during the semester break, became the center of attention of holidaymakers when they walked their children on the track with their ski equipment. Palandöken during the semester break [more…]


New Environment Road to Batman

A New Ring Road Will Be Built in Batman: Highways 9th Regional Deputy Director İhsan Güç stated that the Northern Ring Road Project, which will relieve the northern part of Batman, is ready. Switching to Batman [more…]

33 France

Drivers in France Made Action

Drivers Protested in France: Drivers working in road transportation in France protested by blocking the roads in various parts of the country to demand a salary increase. Vehicle carrying cargo and passengers in France [more…]

35 Izmir

It is no longer Friday, Menderes

Menderes is no longer Cumaovası: Upon the request of Menderes Municipality, TCDD removed the name "Cumaovası", the last station of the Aliağa-Menderes Line. Instead of the old name of the district, the name of the station is now "Menderes" [more…]

34 Istanbul

The rainfall of metrobus overpasses

When it rains, the condition of the metrobus overpasses is miserable: When it rains, the overpasses in Istanbul turn into lakes with puddles; The citizen's condition is miserable, his clothes are getting wet and dirty... To Istanbul [more…]