New Highway from Ak Party Selendi District Chairman

New Highway from Ak Party Selendi District Chairman: AK Party Selendi District Chairman Muharrem Sezer said that the Selendi-Demirci Highway will be put out to tender on February 5, 2015.
The 44 highway, which connects Selendi and Demirci, is finally reaching the stage. AK Party District Chairman Muharrem Sezer, '' the time of the road closed to the transportation in winter to our fellow townsman Demirci district when the car's wear and fuel loss in terms of serious damage to the national economy was known to all of us.
As a result of our initiatives and follow-up, the construction of the road in question takes place in February. When this road is completed, the Selendi-Demirci road will be more secure and tidy. A 1 standard and 12 meters to be done in the width of the Demirci-Selendi road 0-44 + 495 ground leveling, art structures, bridges and superstructure works will be included in the tender, '' he said. Sezer, the road to be completed on a thousand calendar days 2 Highways. Regional Directorate of 05.02.2015 11.00'da HNX will be done by expressing, '' this way, who made great efforts in the auction of the AK Party, thanks to deputies of Manisa, '' he said.




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