Arrangement for the Mersin rail system project

Arrangement for Mersin rail system project: While the decision to demolish the Tulumba bridge, which is a subject of controversy with fatal traffic accidents, in Mersin, it was reported that the Aqua Park, which was stated to be built against the coastline, will be moved.
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, December, the second junction meeting was held. Congress and Exhibition Center, the Mayor of Burhanettin Kocamaz in the meeting held under the chairmanship, the district of Yenisehir district and the bleeding wound of Mersin, the destruction of the bridge was decided unanimously.

In Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Master Plan and Rail System Feasibility Report, the rail system line, which starts at Mersin Railway Station and ends at Mezitli Soli Junction, is organized in the form of a cross-junction of the famous and Migrant intersections, compatible with the rail system, as a sunken-out. Authorization of the relevant departments for the projecting and construction works at the intersections of Yenişehir Limonluk, Yenişehir Beşyol, which are not specified in the Transportation Master Plan but with excessive traffic congestion, together with the intersections specified in the Transportation Master Plan approved by the Ministry of Transport on 19 June 2012. it was unanimously agreed to discuss the proposal regarding the evaluation of the issue in the revision works of the Transportation Master Plan.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz said in a statement that the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Interior decided to carry the Aqua Park to the southern part of the Mufti River as Aqua Park decided to demolish it. Kocamaz said, et The Council of State had previously canceled the project. We have written again to the Council of State in order to prevent the accusations against the municipality from being harmed. The Council of State informed us that their decision was final. For this reason, we want to carry Aqua Park to the southern part of Muftu stream. However there was private property there. We will use that area for the purpose of leaving that land within the Mufti Creek. At the top of the road there will be an arrangement for Luna Park. We have made an effort to expose that land, but they want to pay 150-200 TL to the Muftu stream. We told him we couldn't give it to them. With such an application, we are bringing their land to a more used form. Böyle



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