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Park the car with the vehicle to get out of traffic: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality establishment İSPARK "Park Et Continue" parking in public transportation stations are rapidly spreading.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which offers alternative systems in transportation to Istanbul's service, also makes parking lots close to these areas through İSPARK. Citizens, especially Metro, Metrobus and Marmaray, such as transportation vehicles to the car park short distance away from the traffic density and stress without going to leave their vehicles. İSPARK drivers direct them to the car parks and reach their distance in a short time and ensure that the 150 car convoy is withdrawn from the traffic every day.
44 at the point of service
Drivers who leave their cars in the "Park Continue" parking lots comfortably continue their journey using Metro, Metrobus, Marmaray, watercraft and public transportation vehicles. Kadıköy The driver, who left his car in Ayrılıkçeşme parking lot, can transfer to Yenikapı from here by using Marmaray and reach Aksaray Metro and Airport at the same time, as well as Metrobus and Beylikdüzü without experiencing any traffic stress. The car park only pays 5 TL throughout the day.
With the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İSPARK General Manager Mehmet Çevik stated that they continue to park and continue to open new parking lots in order to enable them to use public transportation stations by leaving their vehicles to these car parks.
Continue to Park Et Metro, Metrobüs and Marmaray
İSPARK continues to open parking and parking lots in public transportation stations. Drivers who leave their vehicles in the parking lots that are within walking distance of public transportation points can continue their journey with different transportation facilities.
Park Continue Car Parks Close to Marmaray station, Kazlıçeşme and Kadıköy With a total capacity of 3.100 in Ayrılıkçeşme; Near the metro station, Maslak, Darüşşafaka, Fatih Ulubatlı Hasan Junction, Esenler Menderes, Levent, Hacıosman, Kagithane Old IETT Garage, Bağcılar Meydan Mosque, Hospital side and Kirazlı, Maltepe Küçük Yalı and Gülsuyu, Üsküdar, Kartal Bridge and Soğanlık, Kadıköy With a total capacity of 3.087 in Ayrılıkçeşme; Near the Metrobus Station, Zeytinburnu, Beyoğlu Cemal Kamacı, Florya, Şişli, Ataköy, Büyükçekmece Tüyap, Avcılar, KadıköyWith a total capacity of 1,883 in Acıbadem; Yenikapı, Bakırköy, near the Sea Vehicles Kabataş, Avcilar, Maltepe, Bostanci, KadıköyWith a total capacity of 3,975 in Pendik, Tuzla, Kartal and Çengelköy, it serves with a total capacity of 703 in Florya and Samatya Beach, close to other public transport stations.
The. Park et X system, which is a low-cost car park application close to public transportation stations, employs about 4 million per year. The 100 mileage vehicle convoy, which is used for traffic at 44 points, provides services to the citizens with the capacity of a thousand vehicles.

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