Istanbul headed for public transportation

Istanbul turned to public transportation: IETT's number of people using public transport increased by 5 in the last 52 year. The number of people using public transportation services in IETT in Istanbul increased by 5 in the last 52 year. The last 5 with public transport in the city has moved 4 billion 641 million 753 thousand 833 people over the years. According to the information collected by the AA correspondent from the IETT data, the use of buses, private public buses, metrobus and nostalgic trams, which are served by this organization, is increasing with each passing year.
The number of people using IETT's public transport increased by 5 over the last 52 year. The 2009 754 543 684 2010 783 198 174 2011 894 711 107 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.
1 billion threshold for the first time exceeded the number of those using public transport within 2012 1 thousand million billion 67 826 26 people, breaking a new record last year, 1 141 thousand billion 474 842 million people were reached.
In this context, considering the data of the last 5 year, the number of passengers transported by IETT exceeded the 3 level of China, which has the highest population in the world and became the 4 billion 641 million 753 thousand 833 people.
- The most used private public buses
According to the latest 5 annual data, most passengers moved with private public buses. Accordingly, 5 1 billion 797 billion 99 people per year 550 people transported this number, this number was seen in the history of the past year, the 476 million 506 thousand 303 people found. At the same time, IETT Bus and Bus Inc. with 1 913 thousand billion 898 219 million people, moved that number last year, equivalent to the population of Turkey came about 6 solid, 426 99 thousand million xnumx'y output. Since the day it was established, especially with the speed of Istanbullular'ın the first place in the choice of the BRT last year 312 million 232 thousand 679, 265 5 904 468 357 XNUMX people per year was moved.
The nostalgic tramway, which serves in Taksim-Tunnel line, has chosen 5 million 3 thousand 15 people in 287 annually.
The world's oldest 2. 23 272 420 XNUMX XVIIIX XVIII XVIIIX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

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