Üsküdar subway damaged the houses

Üsküdar subway damaged the houses: Some buildings were damaged during the Çekmeköy-Ümraniye-Üsküdar Metro Line works in Üsküdar.


The incident took place in Sultantepe District, Sheikh Mosque Street. According to the allegation, some buildings on the street during the Çekmeköy-Ümraniye-Üsküdar Metro Line works were damaged. While the damage was generally on a small scale, severe damage occurred in Sonay Apartments. At that time, the residents of the apartments, who slept in their beds, awoke to the noisy sounds coming from the building.


First of all, the residents who thought that there was an earthquake realized that their buildings were damaged due to the subway works. Seeing the deep cracks in the walls and beams, the residents threw themselves into the street by taking their children. The situation was immediately reported to Üsküdar Municipality. In a short time, the teams found that some buildings on the street were damaged; However, they said that Sonay Apartment, which suffered the most damage, should be emptied immediately.


In the 5-storey, 9-apartment Sonay Apartment, residents of fear and panic started to go outside and wait on the street. The damaged buildings were then sealed so no one could enter. Some citizens sitting in the buildings went to their relatives, while others remained on the street with their belongings. Fear and panic are also experienced in other buildings on the same street.

Vedat Parlar, who was forced to vacate his damaged house, came to sound like a blast cracking Saturday morning. We woke up and the windows didn't close. Doors don't close. We then informed the relevant units. They're interested. They made the detections. They showed us a space. They examined the house. He said they evacuated the building when they saw the movements.


Ayse Avsar is home. The walls are out. My girl came to sleep right on the wall as the cake was swollen. They got me out of my house. They call home. I'm looking for a house. They'il give me a rent price so I can keep the house. He was unclear, too.

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