İzmit Tram Line

Izmit Tram Line Walkway: 30 The Tramway Project, which has been widely debated since the March local elections, continues to occupy the urban agenda.
The tramway route project, which is thought to be passed by the Walkway, is discussed by many people in the city, and recently, for the passage route of Tram, the name of Şahabettin Bilgisu Street (formerly Ankara Street) is mentioned. 18 On Thursday, the tram route will be announced to the public.
Chamber of Architects Kocaeli Branch Chairman Arsal Ar pattern and AKP Izmit District Chairman Ali Korkmaz'a planned to be made on the Walkway asked the Walkway. Arısal; Gerek In case of light rail system, it is necessary to close the side roads to vehicle traffic. It should not be considered as a tram to be brought to end, iye he said. Korkmaz; he said that the Çınar'ler the city is the symbol of the city, and the Tramway route for the tram route is not the Çınar'ler said.
Arithmetic: u Don't bring it to the end Ar
Underlining that they are not against the construction of the tram, the Chamber of Architects of Kocaeli Arsal Arısal said, en We do not like to be in the position of appeals. However, we would be more pleased if we acted more together. Ancak He said that science expects the approaches where technology is at the forefront. He said, dolayı Because we work as a scientist, he naturally wants to have a say and I think it is necessary to work together. Professional chambers are consulted for procedures. This city should work together. The dynamics of the city, those who live in the region and professional chambers should be included in the event, Kent he said.
In fact, as a whole, the Izmit Transportation Plan should be done in the expressing Arıslan, Ar Explained Transportation Master Plan Presentation of the light rail system was mentioned. It was said to have time to 2023. You're doing a radical system. Therefore, the light rail system should have been included in the Transportation Master Plan. Tram is not a cheap transportation vehicle. Feasibility study, cost analysis, infrastructure should be prepared well. Additional parking lots should be provided for the citizens to come to the city center by car. The sub-structure should be prepared in the areas where the citizens tram stations can park their vehicles. If the light rail system is built into the walkway, it is necessary to close the side roads to the vehicle traffic. It shouldn't be thought of as 'Let's make a tram'.
Korkmaz: zaten The Walkway is already distressed Kork
In fact, the headquarters of the city in the center of the Walkway and a very convenient place, the AKP Izmit District Head Ali Korkmaz, en But there are the symbol of this city we have the Cinar. You have to protect the symbol of this city. If the tramway passes, it is certain that Çınar will suffer. We need to stay away from all kinds of jobs that will harm them, Onlar he said.
Korkmaz said that the right-handed collectors on the Walkway stayed as high as freak. Completely planned without collectors. This will take place in a difficult process to fix it. But this means the slaughter of the Çınarlar. This is a situation that we do not want to have. However, if it were not in the area of ​​Cinemas, I think it is the right place for Tram. Için
Korkmaz, another location for the Tramway Sahabettin Bilgisu Street (formerly Ankara Street); I think it would be more appropriate with a new arrangement and planning. yeni This center of the city should now be pedestrianized voicing Korkmaz, aş rail system must be provided. The only main arterial walking route should be pedestrianized and should be purified from vehicle traffic aş.

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