Victims of the tram will interview the tradesmen

The commission will be interviewed by shopkeepers who are victims of the tram: At the November Meeting of the Izmit City Council, the budget of 2017 was accepted and what could be done to reduce the problems related to various works, especially the tram, was discussed.
Mayor Nevzat Doğan, the Mayor of Izmit, made the opening speech of the parliamentary meeting where the agenda item of the 13 was discussed and decided and gave information about the works.
Infrastructure and superstructure works are almost complete, indicating that the Mayor of Izmit Dogan, Belediye Izmit Municipality 30 bin asphalt ready. We will start the asphalt as soon as the infrastructure is finished. Yeşilova and Tepeköy are close to us. The process of tramway work continues. The traffic of the Metropolitan Municipality and the troubles experienced by the shopkeepers upset us. On the one hand life will continue to work on the one hand. I talk to our tradesmen; they were negatively affected by these studies. To help our tradesmen, establish a commission within the assembly (available commissions) to discuss with tradesmen. Let us support legal and psychological issues. We will not talk as a problem in February, March. Şubat
2017 year of the Municipality of Izmit Municipality will be a year of completion of almost all of the promises given to Dogan, important studies have completed the foundations of some of the said. CHP also made a proposal to the Assembly on the same issue. It was unanimously agreed that the Budget Plan and Health Commission would work together to investigate the status of the shopkeepers affected by the tram.
In order to create a bridge to strengthen the cultural values ​​of the two cities, the proposal of the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs regarding the protocol for the establishment of the yapıl Sister City Müdür with the Yeşilli Municipality of Mardin was referred to the Culture Tourism and Art Commission.
Since all or some of the costs are met from the budget of the municipality, the facades of the facades can be changed and renewed in the appropriate areas of the city. The proposal for the construction of Başaran Street Facade Improvement Project was transferred to the commission.
Providing information about the protests made during the legal suspension period regarding the Central Business District (CBD), which has long occupied the agenda of Kocaeli, Özak, the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly, informed that the 156 appealed.
Assuming that some of the information is hidden from the management by the administration, the Deputy Chairman of the CHP Parliament Group, Ersin Albayrak said, öne I think we are an objectionable infantry in the municipality. The right to speak out of the agenda is provided by law. 'I've removed it,' he says, 'I'm not giving you the speech' is another thing. I hope the president will fix this. Başkan
2017 budget of the year, such as 220 million is an unrealistic budget, indicating that the CHP Izmit City Council Group Deputy Chairman Ersin Albayrak and CHP Plan Budget Commission member Birol Sağlam, 2017 said about the budget:
Mek - Proposing a budget that is constantly increasing against budget realization around 80 means to move away from budget discipline and seriousness. With the 155 million (160) increase on the 2016 budget, the 60-37 will be a bit too imaginary, not the 2017 budget. The budget allocated for investments appears to be in normal dimensions. (percent 220) There is an expenditure budget outlook when looking at the budget outline. 31.8 million TL includes service procurement. All the directorates receive services from press to transportation. 63 million resources are used under social services and cultural services; a very important part of them is referred to as helping the household under the name of the current transfer. 15 million services procurement 63 million is the 15 million resource allocated to the science department, which is the investor manager against such expenditures. In this respect, these figures already give a summary of the budget. As 27-2014-2015 is a lost year in terms of investment, we hope the 2016 year will not be a lost year. X
Chairman of the AK Party Plan Budget Commission Hayrettin Ünlü, 2017 year, the effective and efficient use of resources, the budget realization rates are high and the public money again, the public service, will return to the needs of a year, he said. Mayor of Izmit said in his budget talks:
Inin -There may be negative voters in the manifestation of democracy. Thank you for contributing. CHP members in the last period, said the budget very fast. We want to enlarge the income as well as the expense. We've always made a balanced budget. 83, not 100 percent of the municipality of Izmit is worthy of the budget. We're aiming for better. We in budget implementation is an example to Turkey. We spent our spending without embracing anyone. We are the municipality that manages the money well. Most of our major projects are in 2017. More than 60 percent of our promises have been completed. Izmit Municipality, the municipality has the most support to education in Turkey. We are taking steps resounding in Turkey. This city is all of us. AK Party and CHP members of parliament, working with me, our bureaucrats have a lot of work. 2017 will be the shining year of Izmit. Turkey examples of projects to do. "
Stating that the government is also an important step in subcontracting, Doğan said, belirten We started working on 2.5 years ahead of employees who are not cleaning workers. We keep our promise in this regard within the framework of the laws. "said.
2017 year budget in Izmit City Council was approved as 220 million TL. CHP voters, as in every period of this year, the government voted to refuse. Izmit Municipality's budget last year was 180 million TL. The parliamentary meeting of the Izmit City Council next month will begin at 6 on Tuesday, December 15.00.

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